Professional development

We offer a variety of courses, programs, and workshops for professionals wishing to further develop their skills.

Explore our Areas of Study to browse through the undergraduate certificates and diplomas, masters, and doctoral programs offered at the Faculty of Education. 

Continuing Studies in Education offers programs and non-credited courses with professional development opportunities for teachers including French immersion teacher pro-d, a Diploma in Intercultural Education, and much more.

A series of individual credited courses are available to you.

Are you a teacher looking for a salary upgrade?

The Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) assigns salary categories based on academic qualifications. Visit the TQS website to learn how to upgrade to a higher salary category and get pre-approval for your area of study and courses. Be sure to get approval before registering for courses.

You may take 300 and/or 400-level undergraduate courses to upgrade to salary category 5 or 5+. You must complete a graduate program to qualify for salary category 6.

Not sure what to take?

  • The Diploma in Special Education (15 units) offered by the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies.
  • A Professional Specialization Certificate combined with additional related courses approved by the Teacher Qualification Service.
  • The Diploma in Intercultural Education offered through Continuing Studies.
  • 15 units of coursework from a faculty other than Education. For example, if you are interested in social studies and humanities, consider 300 and/or 400-level courses from geography, history, political science and sociology.
  • The Personalized Learning Institute offered by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction combining on-campus studies in the summer session and online studies in the winter session.
  • You may also design your own 15 units course set in consultation with the Teacher Qualification Service.

Questions about upgrading a TQS salary category? Please contact the Teacher Qualification Service.

How to apply?

Continuing Studies programs and courses

Credited courses and programs

  • Apply as a UVic student
  • Apply as a non-UVic student