About the department

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) was established on July 1 1983 as part of the Faculty of Engineering which was also founded at the same time. There are distinct advantages to the relative newness of the faculty: experienced academics have been recruited from around the world, laboratory facilities contain some of the latest and most sophisticated equipment available and the curriculum has been developed to take the lead in 21st century technologies.

ECE offers two accredited undergraduate programs, BEng in Electrical Engineering and BEng in Computer Engineering. ECE also offers graduate programs leading to MASc, MEng and PhD degrees. The first class of undergraduate students received their BEng degrees in 1988 and the first graduate student received a MASc in 1985.

At present, ECE has thirty-six regular and emeritus faculty members, ten full-time and part-time staff members and over five hundred undergraduate and graduate students.

The mandate of the department is:

  • to offer undergraduate and graduate programs in electrical and computer engineering of outstanding quality and in addition, the undergraduate programs should meet all accreditation requirements of the Canadian Engineering Accredition Board (CEAB);
  • to educate our students for professional careers as engineers with advanced technical knowledge which is based on strong applied science knowledge coupled with applications of engineering practice and an ability to understand the impact of technology and to communicate well;
  • to carry out both theoretical and experimental research in electrical and computer engineering and to disseminate the results in the form of publications, patents and technology transfer to industry.