Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering currently has over 80 PhD students from across the globe actively engaged in coursework and research under the supervision of world-class researchers.

The doctoral (PhD) program is designed to develop the candidate's ability for independent and original research work leading to significant advancement of knowledge in the fields of electrical engineering or computer engineering.

Questions? Contact the graduate secretary, Ms. Ashleigh Burns at or 250-721-8675.

The PhD program consists of a minimum of 4.5 or 15 units of course work depending on whether the student is admitted with an MASc degree or is transferred to a PhD program from an MASc program, plus the ECE 693 Candidacy Examination of 3 units, plus ECE 609 Seminar of 1 unit, plus the ECE 699 PhD Dissertation of 30-36 units.

For further information on the curriculum and degree requirements please refer to the University of Victoria Academic Calendar.

Standard tuition fees for doctoral degrees

The minimum regular program fee for a PhD degree is 7.5 tuition installments. For example, in the case of a full time student, the minimum regular program fee is assessed in seven regular full tuition installments followed by one regular half tuition installment. One (1) additional regular full tuition installment will be assessed if a student remains registered for one additional term after 7.5 regular full tuition installments have been paid. One additional regular half (.5) tuition installment will be assessed if a student remains registered for an additional term beyond 8.5 regular tuition installments have been paid (for a total of 9.0 installments).

For current and up-to-date tuition and fees, please see the UVic Academic Calendar.

Graduate student support funding

Students registered in research-based programs (MASc or PhD) may be offered a graduate student support payment (GSSP) by the faculty member who will act as their supervisor. However, any offer of a GSSP is subject to the supervisor’s available research funds. GSSP’s are subject to the availability of each supervisor's own research funds and to the student’s academic performance.

University of Victoria Fellowship

All PhD students registered full time are considered for a fellowship, based on qualifying GPA.

  • Canadian and international students are eligible upon entry and/or in their second year of studies.
  • The minimum requirement for consideration is an A- average on the last two years of course work for new students and on the last year for existing students.
  • Meeting the minimum eligibility does not guarantee you will receive a fellowship.

More information about awards and funding can be found at the awards & funding page.

To receive the co-op designation on their diploma, PhD students must complete three work terms.

Through the co-operative education program (co-op), students may alternate terms in class with paid work terms in positions related to their fields of study.

Graduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering may join the co-op program with the permission of their academic supervisor.

For further information on graduate co-op please see the graduate co-op page.