Awards & funding

Graduate student support funding *

Students registered in research-based programs (MASc or PhD) may be offered a Graduate Student Support Payment (GSSP) by the faculty member who will act as their supervisor. However, any offer of a GSSP is subject to the availability of each supervisor's research funds and to the student’s academic performance.

* MADS, MENG & MTIS graduate students do not qualify for a GSSP

University of Victoria Fellowship *

All PhD and MASc students registered full time in research-based programs (MASc or PhD) is considered for a fellowship, based on qualifying GPA.

  • Canadian and international students are eligible upon entry and/or in their second year of studies;
  • The minimum requirement for consideration is an A- average on the last two years of course work for new students and on the last year for existing students;
  • Meeting the minimum eligibility does not guarantee you will receive a fellowship.

* MADS, MENG & MTIS Graduate students do not qualify for University of Victoria Fellowship

British Columbia Graduate Scholarship

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has 4 British Columbia Graduate Scholarship’s to allocate for the 2020 – 2021 year for outstanding graduate students. The annual value of each scholarship is $15,000. Applications are not required however, applicants should speak with their prospective supervisor if they meet the below eligibility criteria.


  • Canadian and Permanent Residents.
  • Master’s and Doctoral programs.
  • Minimum A- average on the last two years of course work. Meeting the minimum eligibility does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship.
  • Entering or returning students enrolled in research-intensive or professional programs with an emphasis on but not exclusive to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines.
  • Full-time registration.

Further information can be found on the graduate studies external awards and fellowships page.

External and national awards

There are a number of national and provincial granting agencies that annually fund graduate students and their research. These are merit-based fellowships, which must be applied for individually. Most of the agencies have specific application guidelines and deadlines.

A few examples of the awards are Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, NSERC Scholarships, etc. Please refer to the funding agencies guidelines for specific criteria.

A list of external awards and fellowship can be found at the graduate studies external awards and fellowships page.


Bursaries are non-repayable awards offered based on financial need and reasonable academic standing. The Office of Student Awards and Financial Aid administer graduate bursaries.

A few examples of bursaries available are University of Victoria Graduate Students’ Society Child Care Bursary, Ronald Kitchener Bursary, Donald and Evelyn MacLean Fund, etc.

For information on bursary applications and eligibility criteria please refer to the information available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Teaching assistantship

Important: If you are considering teaching assistantship opportunities in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering your study permit must explicitly state permission to hold employment at this institution. Please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada for more information.

Teaching assistant appointments are assigned on a term-by-term basis.

A list of appointments is available approximately 10 weeks prior to the entry term. Teaching assistantship positions are posted online, and may be applied for once admitted to the program.

Teaching assistantship appointments are governed by the appointment priority policy for specialist instructional positions (Canadian Union of Public Employees 4163) as follows:

Priority group Level
Graduate students previously appointed to bargaining unit positions as incoming students, and who will be in their 2nd year of a Master’s program or the 2nd or 3rd year of a PhD program 1
Master’s year 1 and PhD year 1 2
PhD year 2, 3, 4 or 5 3
Other graduate students (in other years, or not previously appointed, or from other departments) 4
Undergraduates 5
Others/non-students 6

Please note the following:

  • All new graduate students or those who have not been appointed as TA before in the Faculty of Engineering are required to attend the workshop: Function and Responsibility of TA, within the first year of study.
  • All new graduate students or those who have not been appointed as TA before in the faculty and to whom English is a second language, are required to attend the workshop: Serving as TA with English as a Second Language, within the first year of study.
  • Based on TA evaluation and at the discretion of the awards committee, a graduate student with a poor evaluation will be notified and may not be selected for TA appointment until he/she has attended one or both mandatory workshops. Workshop schedules will be announced by email in the fall term of each year.
  • When you receive your recommendation letter, positions may be available for the current term. Be sure to only apply for a position for your entry term.
  • Regretfully, if you applied late or your recommendation for admission is late, the teaching assistant appointment deadline may have passed.
  • Applying for a position does not necessarily mean that you will be appointed.
  • Decisions on these appointments will not be made until final enrolment numbers are known, which will be at least one week after the beginning of the term.


Contact the graduate secretary for more information or visit our FAQ page.

Program Graduate secretary Contact information
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Ms. Ashleigh Burns Office: EOW 448