PhD degree

Students admitted to the doctoral program are expected to:

  • be familiar with your responsibilities and expectations as indicated in the department Graduate Handbook
  • pass the candidacy examination 
  • write and successfully defend the dissertation  
  • fulfill the course requirements 
  • fulfill the breadth requirements 
  • participate in annual progress reports 

The PhD program for students entering with a master's degree consists of a minimum of six units (four courses) of course work at the 500 level or higher. All courses are valued at 1.5 units. All PhD programs include the research skills course CSC 595 (formerly called: Graduate Seminar) which is to be over and above the course work required. The PhD program for students entering with a bachelor’s degree consists of a minimum of 12 units of course work, where at least nine units must be at the 500 level or higher.

CSC 595   Research skills   
CSC 693 Candidacy exam
CSC 699 PhD thesis

Full details and estimates on tuition and fees can be found on the Graduate Studies website.

PhD supervisory committee

The student's program of study is under the direction of a supervisory committee composed of a minimum of three members: an academic supervisor from the home academic unit, at least one other member from within the home academic unit and at least one member from outside the home academic unit. Any regular member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies is eligible to serve.

The relationship between students and the supervisory committee

In-depth explanations and detailed guidelines for the joint responsibilities towards a successful PhD program can be found in the Graduate Supervision Policy from the Faculty of Graduate Studies. It is important and expected that both students and members of the supervisory committee are knowledgeable and familiar with the document.