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VI Fitness Centre provides great work term experience for RHED student

Teresa Tran

VI Fitness Centre

Recreation and health education student Teresa Tran spent a work term with VI Fitness Centres. Read on to learn about her co-op experiences.

1) What are VI Fitness Centres?

VI Fitness Centres are locally owned and operated by the Cormier family and are the largest chain of fitness centres on Vancouver Island. With 11 locations, they are celebrating 20 years in business. Staff at VI Fitness are passionate about helping individuals on Island communities transform their lives to achieve a high level of health and fitness.

 2) What was your role and what were your responsibilities?

One of my favourite parts of being part of the VI Fitness team and Assistant Manager was running an informational booth at the local ‘Brentwood Bay Festival’ where I encouraged visitors to ‘Spin to Win’ a free gym membership to any of the four Victoria locations. I try to demonstrate to others that fitness and physical activity are part of a healthy lifestyle and must be performed throughout our entire lives. When people walk by and say ‘no thanks I walk a lot’, I remind them the importance of strength training as well. Strength training helps with many components of a health lifestyle by reducing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass, and burning calories more efficently than walking. I also encourage visitors to remember the motto ‘Use it or Lose it’ – implying that if we don’t use our bones, muscles and joints they lose function.

3) What were your favourite parts of your experience?

My favourite part of working for Vi Fitness is promoting the organization. I enjoyed working at events as it gives the company an opportunity to give back to the community. The organization gives free memberships, tattoos, and business cards while also educating others about the benefits VI Fitness Centres has to offer. The staff at Vi Fitness Centres are passionate to help clents set, attain, manage, and attain their own fitness goals. When I see a member lose that last pound or bench press that goal they have been training for over the last year is the best feeling a Fitness Counselor and myself as Assistant Manager can experience with the members. 

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