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Constantly curious

December 13, 2022 - The Torch

Alumna Tanya Lloyd Kyi (BA ’96) is a superstar children’s author—keeping the focus on fun and trusting in her young readers’ innate curiosity about the world.

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Passion for robotics inspires student’s success

July 18, 2022 - The Ring

Alec Krawciw had the highest academic standing of any student graduating from UVic with a bachelor’s degree this spring and also found time to lead a student engineering team, earn a minor in software engineering, and volunteer in the community. Krawciw found plenty of ways to follow his passion in robotics during his time at UVic, including a co-op in which he designed and built a prototype electric hydro-foiling catamaran from scratch.

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Healing technology

June 30, 2022 - The Torch

The Victoria Hand Project team, led by alumnus Michael Peirone, designs low-cost 3D-printed prosthetics for amputees in need while providing UVic students with valuable skills and training.

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UVic adds billions to provincial economy, benefits extend throughout society

June 20, 2022 - Media release

The University of Victoria’s activities, students and alumni help generate $3.3 billion to BC’s economy and overall prosperity, an independent study and analysis has determined. The independent report by Emsi Burning Glass, released today, indicates that UVic’s total impact in BC supported 40,595 jobs. The economic impact for Greater Victoria is $1.8 billion, or one of out of every nine jobs.

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Star student

June 20, 2022 - The Torch

Astrophysicist and UVic alum Louise Edwards was one of the first Black Canadians to earn a PhD in physics. She’s an expert on the evolution of galaxies, her face has appeared on a Canadian stamp—and she’s only getting started.

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