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EPHE student learns recreation management through co-op

Alabama Chevrier

VI Fitness

For the Winter term of 2018 I worked as a Front Desk Administrator at VI Fitness to fulfill my third work term. VI Fitness strives to provide a positive atmosphere for individuals to pursue their fitness journey. With eleven locations featuring women's only sections this company has a strong focus on women's health. All locations offer co-ed and women's only group fitness classes as well as top of the line personal training. With multiple membership options that leave room for financial flexibility, this corporation aims to get people moving! Members range from students to seniors and there are classes and trainers for all levels of fitness.

My role as a front desk administrator included tasks such as membership sales, booking childminding, tanning, and personal training sessions, making protein shakes and educating members on different supplements that we offer at the club. I took on additional tasks surrounding club presentation and current events. I did this by creating signage and posters. These posters addressed issues such as putting equipment away to its proper location after use and wearing clean footwear. The posters also kept members up to date with fitness schedules and club hours due to special events or holidays. Good communication and notice is essential to the positive atmosphere that the front desk strives to cultivate.

During my time with VI Fitness I learned a great amount in regards to business management and how to operate in a sales driven environment. Right from the start the manager of VI Fitness included me in what goes on behind the scenes of the club, such as daily conference calls with the managers of all eleven locations and the club president. I began my work term at a transitional time for the company as many of the higher positions were in the process of training new staff to take over their positions while they are away on maternity leave. In addition to an almost all new staff, it was January – AKA the "New Year, New Me" month. The traffic in the club was substantial as people were either walking in to sign up for free seven day trials or memberships.    

An unexpected experience of mine was working at not just one VI Fitness location, but three! The first half of this work term I solely worked at the Gordon Head VI Fitness location. In March they were unable to offer me a sufficient amount of hours for the coop requirement, so I was put in contact with managers of other locations. This resulted in working at three different clubs for five weeks. At first I thought that by working at three clubs I would have issues further developing the community I had began to cultivate; however, I found it to be quite the opposite. Members recognized me from one club to the other as they also train at multiple locations, and when I would return to my home club members would notice my absence, thus generating a conversation and connection building opportunity. I found this discovery to be fairly heart warming and it made my job more enjoyable.

This work term experience has shaped my future goals as it has reaffirmed my interest in recreation and leisure business management. In the fall of 2017 I became interested in recreation and leisure management due to the course EPHE358. Since then I have declared a Minor in Business and pursued a business based position for my third and final work terms.

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