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Federal government jobs

 Learn about working for the Government of Canada, including co-op opportunities, the application process, and finding work after graduation.

Undergraduate students

If you're a full-time post-secondary student, you can apply to this program to be considered for a variety of full-time and part-time jobs. Plus, you don't have to reapply each year—your résumé will remain in the inventory unless you remove it yourself. Submit your résumé.

Specific FSWEP inventories include:

Ongoing Student Recruitment Inventory

This is the federal government's largest inventory. It is an ongoing recruitment inventory offering full- and part-time work opportunities in a wide variety of fields including business, science, engineering, administration, IT and finance. The Ongoing Student Recruitment Inventory receives applications year-round.

Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity (ISEO)

This inventory is open to Indigenous students only and offers full- and part-time jobs year-round in a variety of fields. The ISEO typically receives applications beginning in January of each year.

Employment Opportunity for Students with Disabilities (EOSD)

This inventory is open to students with disabilities only and offers full- and part-time jobs year-round in a variety of fields. The EOSD typically receives applications beginning in January of each year.

Other opportunities through FSWEP

The Government of Canada offers a number of other student opportunities through FSWEP such as:

    • student border services officers
    • student guides in France
    • Canadian Armed Forces Reservist Student Employment Opportunity
    • Inshore Rescue Boat Student Program
    • Security Officer Student Employment Opportunity

Look for these opportunities on the federal government jobs site.

If you're already a UVic co-op student, you can apply for federal government work terms in Victoria and across Canada. Visit the co-op and career portal to look for federal job postings.

Working for the federal government can provide you with many new opportunities.

If research plays a role in your degree, you can apply to ongoing student opportunities to conduct innovative research for the federal government related to your field of study. Learn how to apply.

Grads or soon-to-be grad students

If you've graduated with a diploma or a degree, or if you are in your final year of study, you can apply to specific federal jobs as part of this annual campaign. You can also submit your application to an inventory to be considered for jobs based on your skill-set.

The campaign begins in the fall term, so keep an eye out for info sessions on campus hosted by federal recruiters. Learn more about the campaign.

If you have a post-graduate degree (master's, PhD, etc.), you can apply for mid-to-senior level positions, where you'll work to shape public policy. Learn more about policy leader recruitment.

You can also apply to job opportunities through federal government job boards.

Check out the top 10 reasons to work for the federal public service to discover what makes the federal government such a great place to work.