Learn how to use UVic's events calendar

The UVic events calendar is an aggregate of all events, big and small, taking place at UVic. 

Departments or units can have their own events calendar where you have complete control over adding and removing events. See an example of a unit calendar. When you add events they automatically go into your unit calendar and the central events feed.

On your website, you can use a widget that automatically pulls the list of upcoming events from your calendar and displays them on your website.

Most people display their events feed on the right hand side of every page of their site. (On mobile sites, this information shows up at the bottom of the page.)

Contact the to gain access to the calendar or to set up a calendar feed on your website.

Do's and don'ts

  • When selecting audiences for your event, please choose ‘everyone welcome’ unless your event is limited to particular audience types. IE – only select ‘New students’, for example, if your event is ONLY for New students.
  • Please select all filters that apply for each event. Using these will help your users find your events.
  • Images are recommended, but only when you have high quality images to work with. Images must be 200x200 pixels.
  • You can also suggest your event to other calendars that you don’t have access to. Site admins for those calendars accept/decline the event. Do this when you think an event would have particular interest for users of another calendar (e.g. share to the Library calendar when hosting an event at the Library)
  • If your calendar belongs to an academic unit, please always share your event with your faculty's main calendar.
  • See the calendar user guide for more information.