Graduate Student Tuition Income Offset Plan

Form submission deadlines

September – August

due September 15

January - August

due January 15

May – August

due May 15

Graduate students have the option of participating in a Graduate Student Tuition - Income Offset Plan.  This plan allows graduate students to pay tuition fees in 4 equal instalments over each four month term, with payments taken directly from a student's bank account via automatic withdrawal.  This is intended to better align the payment of tuition to the receipt of fellowship and employment income received by many graduate students.

Payments will be withdrawn at the last business day of each month. Payments can only be processed from Canadian bank accounts.  Students wishing to participate in the plan must complete a Graduate Student Tuition Income Offset Plan form providing banking details and original signature(s) authorizing the University to directly withdraw funds from the account.  This form can be delivered either in person to the Tuition Fees office in the University Centre A115, sent by fax (250-721-6221), or emailed to Tuition Fees for processing. The authorization will last for 3 terms (Fall, Spring and Summer).  For students wishing to continue the plan for the following September, a new form must be submitted and as long as the student is in good standing, it will be approved. A $25.00 application fee is payable upon submission of each form. There will be no late service charges or holds placed on the student's account as long as payments remain in good standing.  If a monthly payment becomes uncollectible due to insufficient funds (NSF), or for any other reason the direct debit authorization will cease and the outstanding fees will immediately become the student's responsibility.  At this time all holds and late service charges will be applied to the student account.

A student may cancel their payment plan at any time by notifying the Tuition Fees office in writing at least 10 days in advance of the next withdrawal.  At that time the student is immediately responsible for paying their tuition and any other outstanding fees due in the term.