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How to give to United Way

UVic employees

Donating to the UVic United Way campaign has never been easier! All payroll deduction and credit card donations by UVic employees are made through the United Way e-pledge system. The only exceptions are payroll deductions that you allow to roll over (although we encourage you to think about increasing the amount!) or donations made by cheque. Cheques may also be sent directly to the Campaign Assistant.

How to donate

New donors: Thank you for choosing to donate to this year's UVic United Way campaign! To make your donation, please visit the United Way e-pledge system. Once you click on the e-pledge link, you will be guided through the process of creating a new user profile. Once this process is complete, you will follow a step-by-step process to make your donation online. Paper pledge forms can be downloaded here. If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact the UVic United Way Campaign Assistant.

Existing donors: If you donated by payroll deduction last year, your donation will continue. You will receive an email thanking you for your contribution and confirming that your deductions will continue. The email will also provide information about how to change the amount of, or cancel, your payroll deduction.

Please contact if you have questions or for more information.

UVic Retirees

Retired UVic employees can pledge their support for United Way Greater Victoria using the United Way e-Pledge system.

UVic Students

UVic students can pledge their support for United Way Greater Victoria using the United Way e-pledge system. You can also make donations at coin boxes located at all Food Services retail outlets on campus. There will also be many student-led events in support of the UVic United Way campaign that you can participate in or donate to. Please check our events page for more details throughout the campaign.

Your investment is making a difference

Last year, with your help, we raised almost $230,000 that became part of the $4.7 million United Way Greater Victoria was able to invest in the Capital Regional District.

Since 1937, United Way has invested over $170 million to support a strong network of programs and services in the Capital Region District (CRD) and Southern Gulf Islands primarily in three priority areas:

  • All That Kids Can Be
  • From Poverty to Possibility
  • Strong Communities

For more details about the impact of United Way Greater Victoria and how your donations were invested, you can read their Annual Report and 2018 Outcome Report.