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Provisioning of email accounts for employees

All UVic employees are eligible for a Microsoft Exchange email account. You can access your email account from any computer with an Internet connection by visiting

All new UVic employees automatically receive an Exchange account when you register for a NetLink ID. If you are an existing faculty or staff member and would like to request an Exchange account, contact your Desktop Support Services personnel or the Computer Help Desk.

Status Exchange email account NetLink ID account
Future employee Active Eligible, active
Current employee Active Eligible, active
Recent employee Active Eligible, active
Former employee Disabled (see notes*) Eligible, active (see notes*)
Retiree Disabled (see notes**) Active

*A former employee's email account will be disabled 365 days after their employment terminates. After 340 days, you are notified that your Exchange account will be disabled in 25 days. Another  notification will be sent 15 days later warning that your Exchange mailbox will be disabled in 10 days. If you return to work within this one-year period, Exchange access will be fully re-enabled.  Please note that some departments have different policies for Exchange email upon employment termination; contact your department for details.

**In most cases, employees that apply for formal retirement from UVic will have 1 year (365days) from their last day of employment to access Exchange.  If your former department has an internal email policy that requires email access to be revoked sooner, this 1 year period will not apply and your access will be revoked in accordance with your former department’s policy.  To find out if your department has an internal email policy, please contact your Administrative Officer. 

You can use this period to:

  1. Inform your contacts of a new email address where they can reach you.
  2. Set an “Out of Office” reply to inform senders of your retirement and provide your new contact information.
  3. Migrate any important personal email to another email account.

If you wish to retain your email after this 1 year period, contact the Computer Help Desk to have your UVic email account moved to the SendMail service.  It is your responsibility to migrate or save any personal email prior to your account being moved.  After being moved, you will no longer have access to the contents of your Exchange email account.

Former employees retain their NetLink IDs indefinitely and will have access to Online tools.