Passphrase Reset Checklist

University Systems help centre

Changing your passphrase is always a good idea, because it decreases the likelihood your NetLink ID is compromised. Before you change your NetLink ID passphrase however, it is important to consider what devices you've saved your old NetLink ID passphrase in, as some services will continue to try to authenticate using the old saved passphrase. This can lead to users being locked out of some NetLink ID services after a passphrase reset, because a service that still has the old passphrase saved can repeatedly attempt to authenticate with the old passphrase, and result in the account being locked as though someone were trying to break into. As a security feature to prevent account password from being guessed by brute force, some your NetLink ID may be locked out of some services by this security feature, if your NetLink ID passphrase is not updated in all the locations it's been saved. Please ensure you've considered ALL the locations you might have saved your NetLink ID and Passphrase, this can include: 
  • Desktop Computers (home or work)
  • Laptops (home or work)
  • Mobile devices (home or work)
  • Tablets (home or work)
The following services are places you should update your NetLink ID passphrase after it's been changed, if you use any of these services and have had your NetLink ID credentials saved for them:
  • UVic and Eduroam wifi
  • Your UVic email accounts in any mail client (Outlook, Mac Mail, iOS Mail app, Thunderbird, etc)
  • Network Drive Mappings (\\, \\[identifier]\)
  • Network Printer Mappings (\\, \\
  • Your computer login session (are you currently logged into a computer with your NetLink ID? If so, restart your computer after you change your NetLink ID passphrase, so that you're no longer logged in with the old passphrase.