Student Services

Together, Student Services (STSV) provides a comprehensive range of programs and services that support conditions for student success and retention and foster a healthy environment for students to engage and thrive in their learning and development. 

Professionals and practitioners across our department support faculty and staff with goals related to student learning and development. We also provide policy direction, project leadership, programming, and strategy on broader institutional initiatives related to student success such as Student Mental Health.

Academic Advising Centre


The Academic Advising Centre for the faculties of Humanities, Science and Social Science provides undergraduate academic advising at all stages of a degree to help students develop personal academic plans that ensure graduation requirements are met.

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Student Wellness Centre


The Student Wellness Centre aims to provide holistic care to support UVic students’ wellbeing emotionally, physically and spiritually. The SWC team includes counsellors, doctors, nurses, administrative staff, chaplains and other practitioners.

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Centre for Accessible Learning

Resource Centre for Students with a Disability

CAL provides programs and services that support students in achieving their academic goals and acts as a resource for faculty and the larger university community to help create a more accessible learning environment.

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International Student Services

international students

International Student Services supports international degree-seeking students, visiting students and exchange students at UVic. We celebrate diversity, advance intercultural competency and cultivate a globally-minded campus.

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Residence Services

STSV Residence Services

Providing on-campus housing for over 2400 UVic students, Residence Services also provides programming, education and support to the on-campus student community and summer conference operations for off-campuss customers.

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Office of Student Life

Judicial Affairs

The Office of Student Life promotes a safe and inclusive campus community in support of fairness, responsibility and respect for all. The OSL manages student non-academic conduct matters and offers programming to support students' well-being and development.

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Contact Student Services


Mailing address:

Student Services
Division of Student Affairs
University of Victoria
PO Box 3025 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 3P2

Courier or in-person address:

Student Services
University of Victoria
Jamie Cassels Centre B202
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria BC V8P 5C2
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Phone: 250-721-8022

Directory listing

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

Student Services

Executive Director Joel Lynn JCC B202
Assistant to the Executive Director Marta Ausio-Esteve 250-721-8022 JCC B202
Acting Manager, Budget & Business Analysis Graham Sedun 250-721-6508 JCC B202
Manager, Budget & Business Analysis Aniko Witcher

Academic Advising (Humanities, Science and Social Sciences)

Director Susan Corner 250-721-7567 JCC A203
Associate Dean Diana Varela 250-721-7567 JCC A203
Administrative Officer Daisy Williams 250-721-8459 JCC A203

Centre for Accessible Learning

Director Laurie Keenan 250-472-4947 CSR 119
Front Desk Kirsten Carroll 250-472-4947 CSR 150

Counselling Services

Director Rita Knodel 250-721-8563 HWC
Associate Director Ai-Lan Chia 250-721-8563 HWC
Front Desk 250-721-8563 HWC

University Health Services

Administrative Assistant, Health & Wellness Zahra Sheikh 250-472-4925 HEA 111
Manager, Health Information Marianna Mazza 250-721-8489 HEA 101C

International Student Services

Director Tricia Best 250-721-6020 JCC A205a
Frontline Adviser Mayah Stratton 250-721-6361 JCC B272

Multifaith Services

Director Rita Knodel 250-721-8341
Reception/Office Assistant Carmen Scott 250-721-8338

Office of Student Life

Director Kirsten McMenamie 250-472-5617 JCC B202d
Associate Director, Student Investigations and Support, Student Life Emily Waterman 250-472-5866 JCC B202d
Student Life Administrative Assistant Vacant 250-472-5617 JCC B202d
Program Assistant Fahe Villeneuve 250-472-4672 JCC B202d
Manager, Student Investigations Keith Bell 250-721-8865 JCC B202d
Manager, Student Conduct and Incidence Response Vacant
Advisor and Project Lead Dustin Meredith 250-472-5423 JCC B202d
Manager, Student Support Tyler Schaus 250-472-5605 JCC B202d
Coordinator, Student Support Nabiha Rawdah (On Leave) JCC B202d
Coordinator, Student Support Jessica Evans JCC B202d
Coordinator, Student Support Yuka Kurokawa JCC B202d
Coordinator, Student Support, Varsity Athlete Specialist Jamie Garrett JCC B202d
Manager, Student Life and Education Alex Sterling (On Leave)
Manager, Student Life and Education Emily Huynh 250-472-5897 JCC B202d
Manager, Student Equity and Social Justice Education Lily Han JCC B202d
Coordinator, Student Development Torry Harris 250-472-4398 JCC B244
Coordinator, Curriculum and Assessment Luca Piscetta 250-472-5618 JCC B244
Coordinator, Orientation, Student Transitions Kate Hollefreund 250-472-4088 JCC B242
Coordinator, Student Transitions Jenna Brodersen 250-472-4512 JCC B202d
Coordinator, Curriculum and Communications Nicole Crozier 250-721-8645 JCC B251
Training Specialist Dawn Schell 250-721-3664 SWC
Program Manager, New Student Engagement Angi Ross JCC B202d
Coordinator, Student Development Priyanka Lopez 250-472-5038 JCC B244
Coordinator, Student Engagement Raquel Slotten JCC B202d
Coordinator, Student Engagement Gavin Gao JCC B202d

Residence Services

Director Kathryn MacLeod CRA
Administrative Assistant Rowena Chee 250-472-4173 CRA 205