Help us transform students' lives

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We invite you to join the Division of Student Affairs in supporting an inclusive, vibrant and engaging learning community at UVic.

The moment they set foot on campus for the first time, UVic students embark on a life-changing journey. Here, they will be exposed to new ideas, develop friendships that will last a lifetime, and begin to shape a future for themselves and our world. And the Division of Student Affairs is with them every step of the way.

We invite you to join the Division of Student Affairs in supporting an inclusive, vibrant and engaging learning community at UVic. Every gift is important to us. No matter where you choose to designate your gift, you’ll make a difference for our students. Together, we can transform students’ lives.

We want to talk about how to help you make an impact in students' lives. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Our current priority areas

Removing barriers to education and success

No two journeys are alike, but we look to support students wherever they are on their pathway to education.

A few examples of funds that help remove barriers to education & success include:

  • Entrance scholarships & awards
    Entrance scholarships and awards can reward academic performance and enable students to obtain education they may not have access to otherwise. 
  • Pathways to education fund
    Your donation will help students where the need is greatest, including entrance scholarships, low-barrier support for Indigenous students, and more.
  • International student support
    Funding to support international undergraduate or graduate students experiencing financial crisis during the school year.
  • Athletic awards
    Support student athletes so they can perform at their absolute best in their sport and in the classroom.
  • Athletic priority funds
    Support Varsity Athletic programs on their pursuit of excellence

Supporting student health & wellness

Our students can thrive when they have access to the right programs, facilities, resources, and activities that promote wellness. We’re committed to supporting a healthy and vibrant campus community and you can help.

A few examples of funds that support student health and wellness include:

  • Student Wellness Centre
    The Student Wellness Centre brings together a team of counsellors, nurses, physicians, spiritual care providers and more to support students’ holistic health.
  • Multifaith Centre
    The Multifaith Centre is a place to find spiritual care as well as culturally diverse weekly activities, events, and programs.
  • Food Security
    With the rising costs of housing, childcare and food, many UVic students are struggling to make ends meet. You can support food security efforts on our campus. Some initiatives helping improve food security for students are:
    • UVSS Food Bank and Free Store
      The UVSS Food Bank & Free Store is a crucial resource for UVic students, providing them with access to free food and essential household items.
    • Meal Share Program
      Through the Meal Share Program, eligible students will receive a $50 credit to their ONECard flex account which can be used anonymously to purchase food at any retail food location on campus.

Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

When we embrace our differences and learn from one another, we’re a stronger, better campus community. Our commitment to EDI runs deep in Student Affairs. A gift to one of our EDI initiatives is a gift towards an inclusive, welcoming, and diverse UVic community.

A few examples of funds that support EDI include:

  • Advocacy for Inclusive Recreation (A.I.R.)
    The AIR program is a new collaborative project at UVic that provides access to recreation programming in an inclusive, safe, and equitable manner to students of the five advocacy groups on campus (UVic Pride, Gender Empowerment Centre, Native Student Union, Students of Colour Collective, and Society for Students with a Disability). The program aims to provide accessible movement activities that promote wellness and community on campus.
  • Global Community
    UVic’s Global Community fosters international connections through community-building events.
  • Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
    CAL promotes educational accessibility for students with disabilities and chronic health conditions.
  • Child Care Services
    UVic’s Child Care Services provide inclusive spaces and value a diverse community. These services allow students with young families to obtain an education.

Creating opportunities for experiential learning

A few examples of funds that create opportunities for experiential learning include:

  • Student Life Grant & Anti-Racism Supplement
    Help fund opportunities for student-led initiatives that enhance student life at UVic and positively impact our university community. Students receive an additional supplement in support of initiatives that focus on addressing racism, using anti-racist strategies.
  • Work Study Students
    Help fund work study opportunities for students who have demonstrated financial need