Are you excited about conducting your own research? Are you thinking about continuing your studies in sociology? If so, the honours program is for you!

Students in the honours thesis program are engaged in original, innovative, cutting-edge research. Each year honours students conduct research on social issues ranging from policing and crime control to food production and the healthcare system.

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The honours program is designed to enrich your learning experience in sociology by providing opportunities to conduct research in a specialized area.

The program is recommended for anyone who is planning to pursue a graduate degree or who wants to find answers to sociological problems. Honours alumni students are well placed to take advantage of a broad range of study and work opportunities.

Program benefits include:

  • The opportunity to get the most from your education and to move from studying to doing sociology.
  • The ability to work one-on-one with a faculty supervisor.
  • Regular interaction with a small group of highly motivated and committed students in sociology.
  • Early exposure to the type of educational experience typical of master’s and doctoral programs.
  • Access to some of the opportunities and benefits available to graduate students (e.g., space, invitations to departmental seminars).
  • Opportunities to interact with graduate students and faculty members.
  • Strengthening your application to graduate programs in sociology and other academic programs.
  • Acquiring skills (analytical, writing, research) that provide a competitive advantage in the context of an increasingly knowledge-based economy.
  • Receiving a degree that is widely recognized as a sign of academic excellence by employers.
  • Eligibility for the Cecilia Benoit Sociology Honours Essay Award.
In the honours program, you will write a graduating essay under the supervision of a faculty member.

The essay usually consists of a library-research based review of literature on a sociological topic, including analytical comments and suggestions for future research or an empirical research project.

The essay allows you to explore the literature and write comprehensively on a specific problem or issue while learning the principles of sound argumentation and analytical writing at an advanced level.

The specific requirements for the essay are negotiated with the supervisor who monitors your progress and provides guidance.

SOCI 499 is a seminar designed to support you through the various stages involved in completing your graduating essay, including selecting a supervisor, identifying a topic, developing a proposal, establishing a timeline and plan of action, completing the research, and reporting the results.

For more information on the honours program, see the Honours FAQ.