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UVic's Psychology Research Participation (PRP) website provides a channel of communication between UVic psychology researchers and potential research participants.

Faculty and advanced students in the Department of Psychology conduct research on a wide variety of topics, such as social interaction, perception, learning, memory, problem solving, and communication.

Researchers post brief descriptions of their projects, along with information about when and where individuals can participate, on the PRP website. Potential participants browse those postings and, if they wish to participate in a study, sign up to do so.

The UVic Psychology Research Participation System (PRPS) provides a mechanism for involving undergraduate students at UVic as subjects/participants in approved research projects conducted by departmental faculty and graduate students.  Students receive optional bonus points as a reward and as acknowledgment that they have had a hands-on learning experience and a chance to interact with an upper-level student.  The 100-level introductory psychology courses along with various other undergraduate courses, at the discretion of the course instructors, have participated in this system for a number of years now.  Research studies using the PRPS must be approved by both the UVic HREB and by the PRPS Committee; only studies viewed as minimal risk and as having pedagogic value are approved by the PRPS Committee.  At the end of each session, students are given a brief evaluation form, which they are invited to complete and submit anonymously; only a minority of participants submit those forms but those who do are overwhelmingly positive in their evaluations. A detailed description of the rules and procedures of the system is here.

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