Staff directory

Natalie Boardman

The Department receptionist provides assistance to students, faculty members and staff.
Office: COR A236
Wendy Davies


Wendy assists students and instructors with course related materials, such as course outlines.  She works closely with other staff members in the general office on a variety of administrative tasks, including updating CV's.

Office: COR A236
Karen  Kienapple

Graduate secretary

Karen is the Department's Graduate Program secretary. She advises graduate students and faculty about program requirements, keeps records on graduate students, prepares agenda for graduate committee meetings, and provides information to prospective applicants.

Office: COR A236
Sheena Macaulay

Department Senior Secretary

The Psychology Department Secretary handles all administrative aspects of current faculty appointments/reappointments, assists with faculty searches and department events while providing support for the Department Chair and the Administrative Officer.


Office: COR A234
Chris Darby

Computer technician

Chris supports the Department by providing computer hardware expertise, as well as operating system and network support, including maintaining the server that supports the general office and researchers in the Department.

Office: COR A083
Doug Thomson

Computer programmer

Doug provides support to all department members (including faculty, sessional instructors, graduate students and staff) with regard to problem resolution for locally developed, third party and legacy computer applications. Doug is also responsible for developing and/or supporting new web applications and acts as liaison between the Department and University Systems.

Office: COR A175
Stephen Lindsay

Professor (Chair)

My research explores the relationship between memory, current performance, and conscious experience.

Specific lines of research concern phenomena such as illusory feelings of remembering (as in déjà vu, although I've never figured out a good way to get that particular phenomenon into the lab!) and unaware uses of memory (as in involuntary plagiarism).

Other projects apply theories concerning the subjective experience of remembering to practical issues such as eyewitness testimony.

Janice Bentley

Psychology Clinic Secretary

The Psychology Clinic Secretary handles administrative tasks related to the Psychology Clinic, including accounting for the Clinic and Test Sales Office, and working closely with Clinical Psychology graduate students and clients. The Clinic Secretary works with the Clinic Director to ensure smooth daily operations of the Psychology Clinic.

Office: COR A163
Laurie Fitzgerald

Psychometry Instructor

The Psychometry Instructor teaches graduate level courses on test administration and scoring. She also provides support to the Psychology Clinic Director regarding the Psychology Clinic Test Library and other test-related and scoring-related clinic tasks.

Office: COR A163
Annette Barath

Administrative officer

Annette manages administrative functions in the department including being responsible for communications, planning, and coordination of special events and projects. She acts as the Department's human resource contact for all matters related to adjunct faculty, post-doc, sessional instructors and teaching assistant appointments.