Buyun Xu

Buyun Xu
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

PhD 2013 joined department: 2013

Area of expertise

Cognition and Brain Sciences

I study the behavior and the underlying brain mechanisms of how people recognize visual things, such as faces, facial expressions, melanoma, etc. using psychophysics, eye tracking and EEG. I also design and develop training tools to help people improve the visual skills that are relevant to them. For example, I developed a training protocol that utilizes the state-of-the-art science and technology in machine learning and adaptive training algorithms to improve the users' accuracy (from 52% to 75%) to detect melanoma within 2 hours of training. I am also involved in the development and evaluation of training programs that help children with autism to recognize and produce facial expressions, and to recognize faces.

Representative publications

Xu, B., Liu-Shuang, J., Rossion, B., & Tanaka, J. (2017). Individual Differences in Face Identity Processing with Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.

He, H., Xu, B., & Tanaka, J. (2016). Investigating the face inversion effect in a deaf population using the Dimensions Tasks. Visual Cognition, 1-11.

Xu, B., Rourke, L., Robinson, J.K., & Tanaka, J. W. (2016). Training melanoma detection in photographs with the perceptual expertise training approach. Applied Cognitive Psychology.

Xu, B., & Tanaka, J. W. (2014). The cued recognition task: dissociating the abrupt onset effect from the social and arrow cueing effect. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 1-14. 

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Xu, B., & Tanaka, J. W. (2013). Does face inversion qualitatively change face processing: An eye movement study using a face change detection task. Journal of vision, 13(2).

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