Karley Talbot

Karley Talbot
Area of expertise

Clinical Psychology


Drs. Kimberly Kerns and Ulrich Mueller

Research interests

My primary interest lies within the field of prospective memory. I am particularly interested in looking at the development of this construct in both typical and atypical child populations (i.e. ADHD and ASD). Additionally, I am interested in developing more ecologically valid ways of measuring prospective memory in an effort to better understand how it relates to other measures of executive function.

Representative publications

 Talbot, K. S., & Kerns, K. A. (Nov. 2014). Event and time triggered remembering: The impact of ADHD on prospective memory performance in children. Journal of Child and Educational Psychology, (127)126-143. doi: 10.1016/j.jecp.2014.02.011