Taylor Agate

Taylor Agate
Area of expertise

Clinical Psychology

Research interests

As an undergraduate, I studied neuroscience and specifically the effect of nicotine on impulsivity using an animal model. Since then, my interests have shifted to neuropsychology. As a master’s student, I developed a strong interest in concussion and for my thesis, I examined the post-acute phase following injury using self-report measures in addition to cognitive testing. In the future, and during my training at UVic, I hope to examine executive functions more closely in this population as well as in normative populations. Additionally, I aim to integrate neuroimaging techniques into my research.

Representative presentations

Agate, F.T., Sunderaraman, P., Schultheis, M.T. (2014, April). Changes in Driving Performance during Concussion Recovery and the Role of Concentration: A Pilot Study. Poster presented at the Second Annual International Sports Concussion Symposium of the Sports Neuropsychology Society, Dallas, TX. 

Agate, F.T., Sunderaraman, P., Schultheis, M.T. (2014, August). Cognitive Changes during Concussion Recovery. The Clinical Neuropsychologist. Presented at the at the 122nd Annual American Psychological Association Convention, Washington, D.C. 

Patrick, K.E., Agate, F.T., Bosenbark, D.D., Hurewitz, F., & Schultheis, M.T. (2015, February). Driving behaviors of young adults with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of International Neuropsychology Society, 21(S1). Poster presented at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the International Neuropsychology Society, Denver, CO.

Recent awards

  • University of Victoria Graduate Entrance Award
  • University of Victoria Graduate Award
  • Drexel University Dean’s Fellowship