Yoshio Takane

Yoshio  Takane
Adjunct Professor

DL (Doctor of Letters) 1976 (University of Tokyo) and PhD 1977 (University of North Carolina) joined Department in 2012

Area of expertise

Cognition and brain sciences

Yoshio Takane has a long standing interest in developing statistical techniques to analyze psychological data. His contributions to the field include developments of nonmetric methods of multivariate analysis, maximum likelihood multidimensional scaling, choice models incorporating systematic individual differences, principal component analysis with linear constraints on both rows and columns of a data matrix, analysis of knowledge representation in neural network models among others.

His most recent interests include regularization techniques for various multivariate data analysis methods, acceleration methods for iterative model fitting, development of structural equation models for analysis of brain connectivity, various kinds of singular value decomposition (e.g., sparse SVD, robust SVD), etc.


  • Multivariate analysis
  • Matrix methods in psychometrics
  • Computational models for cognition
  • Analysis of brain signals


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