Our department has a full program of weekly seminars by visiting speakers, normally held on Fridays from 3:00-4:30pm, and internal lunchtime (brown bag) workshops in which visiting professors, UVic faculty, and graduate students present their research work, held on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:20pm.

We also serve as the host for the CEA’s Indigenous Economics Study Group's (IESG) weekly virtual seminar, which is held on Thursdays from 12:00-1:00pm (i.e. 3:00-4:00pm EST). The IESG seminar welcomes cutting edge contemporary and historical research on Indigenous economies. Finally, on occasion, we host pre-eminent scholars to present lectures under the Lansdowne Lecture Series.

The Departmental Seminar Coordinators are Colette Salemi, Tao Wang, and Justin Wiltshire

Seminars are on Fridays from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated (in bold).

Seminars will aim to be in-person in 2023-24. However, if a seminar ends up being virtual, please join the virtual seminars by clicking this Zoom link (Meeting ID: 873 3829 7915). In-person seminars will be held in BEC 363 for fall and spring terms.


Winter 2023-24

Date Speaker Title Host
First Term, Sep-Dec 2023

Sep 22

3:00pm PST (in person in BEC 363)

Seojeong Lee, Seoul National University What Impulse Response Do Instrumental Variables Identify? Tao Wang

Sep 29

 3:00pm PST (in person DSB C118

Nathan Nunn, UBC The Social Consequences of Traditional Religion in Contemporary Africa* Department of Economics
Oct 6 Sebastian Gomez-Cardona, UBC Financial Literacy, Shocks and Portfolio Adjustments Ke Xu

Read Elliot Seminar

Oct 13

(in person BEC 363)

Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Oregon State University

Land Tenure Security and Deforestation: Experimental Evidence from Uganda


Colette Salemi

Oct 20 Dominic Parker, Wisconsin Madison Farm Size, Spatial Externalities, and Wind Energy Development


Donn Feir and Colette Salami

Oct 27 Bo Liu, UVic

 Does Speed Bump Resolve the Problems of Mini Flash Crashes? Evidence from NYSE American


Donn Feir

Nov 3

(in person David Turpin A104)

Paul Beaudry, UBC Asset Demand and Real Interest Rates*


Paul Schure

Nov 10 Abubakr Ayesh, UVic Mass Involuntary Migration and Educational Attainment



Nov 24 Farouk Nathoo, UVic

Investigating the relationship between the Bayes factor and the seperation of credible intervals

Tao Wang
Dec 01 Briana Ballis, Univeristy of California Merced Early Life Health Conditions and Racial Gaps in Education Justin Wiltshire
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2024
Jan 12 No Speaker
Jan 19 No Speaker
Jan 26 Matt Webb (Carleton) Cluster-Robust Jackknife and Bootstrap Inference for Binary Response Models Ke Xu
Feb 2 Gorkem Bostanci (UBC) Business and Information Cycles Ke Xu
Feb 9 No Speaker
Feb 16 Derek Rury, University of Chicago Harris Student Demand for Relative Performance Feedback: Evidence from a Field Experiment Justin Wiltshire
Feb 23 No Speaker, Reading Break
Mar 01 Bertille Antoine, SFU Factor IV Estimation in Conditional Moment Models with an application to Inflation Dynamics Tao Wang
Mar 8 Marshall Steinbaum, University of Utah The Effect of Franchise No-poaching Restrictions on Worker Earnings Justin Wiltshire
Mar 15 Michael Jansson, UCB TBD Tao Wang
Mar 22 Pierre Mouganie, SFU TBD Colette Salemi
Mar 29 No Seminar, Good Friday TBD
Apr 5 Kathy Baylis (UCSB) TBD Colette Salemi

Reid Elliot Seminar

Apr 12

David Autor, MIT TBD Justin Wiltshire

Winter 2022-23

Date Speaker Title Host
First Term, Sep-Dec 2022
Tuesday, Sep 6th @ 3:00pm PST (in person BEC 363) Silvia Goncalves - McGill University Bootstrap inference in the presence of bias TBD
Sep 23 Jonathan Chui, Bank of Canada Bank Market Power and Central Bank Digital Currency: Theory and Quantitative Assessment  K.Xu
Sep 30 No Seminar [Natl day for T&R]
Oct 7 Merwan Engineer - UVic 

Political-Economy Tipping Points for Limiting Climate Change:  A Game-Theoretic Framework

P. Schure
Oct 14 Shahir Safi - Concordia University Job Market Signalling Via Social Ties P. Schure
Oct 21 Kyungchul Song - UBC Synthetic Decomposition for Ex Ante Policy Evaluation T. Wang

Reid Elliott Seminar

Oct 28


Meredith Fowlie (Reid-Elliott, UC Berkeley) Power Plants, Air Pollution, and Regulatory Rebound F. Pretis
Nov 4 Krishna Pendakur (SFU)

Five Decades of Resource Shares and Individual Consumption Inequality in the UK

D. Feir
Nov 11 No seminar [Remembrance Day]
Nov 18 Aman Ullah - University of California Riverside A Journey in Search of the Unknown “True” Model: Data–Based Nonparametric Econometrics and Empirical Economics T. Wang
Nov 25 Anke Kessler - SFU Externalities in Politicians’ Malfeasance: Norms of Corruption E. Gugl
Dec 2

Frederik Noack - UBC

Multinationals vs Mother Nature? The Impact of Multinational Firms on the Environment C. Salemi
Second Term Jan-Apr 2023
Jan 6 Blocked for JM
Jan 13 Blocked for JM
Jan 20 Blocked for JM
Jan 27 Blocked for JM
Feb 3 Katherine Wagner (UBC)

"Technology Lock-In and Optimal Carbon Pricing"

D. Feir & F. Pretis
Feb 10 Colin Cameron (UC Davis)

"Recent Developments in Cluster-Robust Inference"

T. Wang
Feb 17 Allen Peters (UBC) "Scale and Persistence in Shipping Emissions" D. Rondeau
Feb 24 No Seminar (Reading break)
Mar 3 Teevrat Garg (UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy) C. Salemi
Mar 10 Kelly Foley (U of Saskatchewan)
Enrolling in Bad Times: College Persistence and Labor Market Outcomes
D. Feir
Mar 17 Yanqin Fan (U of Washington)

Lorenz Map, Inequality Ordering and Curves Based on Multidimensional Rearrangements


T. Wang

Mar 20

MON 2:30-3:20 MAC D115

C.Y.. Choi (U of Texas-Arlington) The Impacts of Local Housing Markets on U.S. Presidential Elections: A Collateral Effect Channel V. Gabriel

Mar 22

WEDS 12:30-1:20PM DSB C126 


Thierry Foucault (HEC Paris)

The Horizon of Investors’ Information and Corporate Investment


K. Xu

Mar 23

THURS 2:30-3:20 DSB C108

Francisco Veiga (U of Minho) Term limits and partisan alignment effects on the distribution of intergovernmental grants V. Gabriel

Winter 2021-22

Date Speaker Title Host
First Term, Sep-Dec 2021
Sep 24th @ 12:30pm PST (Virtual) Aaron Yoon - NorthWestern Kellog Analyzing Active Managers' Commitment to ESG: Evidence from United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (paper) Paul Schure
Oct 1 (in person) Victor Song - Simon Fraser University

Financial Structure and Oligopoly:
The R&D Effect


Merwan Engineer
Oct 8 (Virtual) Janice Compton - University of Manitoba Disentangling Customer and Employer Discrimination Using State Variation in the Tipped Minimum Wage. Elisabeth Gugl
Oct 22 (Virtual) Marlene Koffi -University of Toronto  Innovative Ideas and Gender Inequality (paper) Elisabeth Gugl
Oct 29 (Virtual) Trevor Tombe - University of Calgary Regional Integration and Aggregate Economic Volatility: A Quantitative Analysis Marco Cozzi
November 5 (In person) Jennifer Winter - University of Calgary Carbon Pricing Costs for Households and the Progressivity of Revenue Recycling Options in Canada (paper) Felix Pretis
Nov 12 No Seminar Reading break
Nov 19 (Virtual) Abigail Wozniak - Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis “Cross-race Responses to Intentionally Unequal Treatment.” D. Feir
Nov 26 (Virtual) Tatyana Koreshkova - Concordia "Long-term Care Choice in Equilibrium: Implications for Public Policies." Marco Cozzi
Dec 3 (In Person) Vadim Marmer - University of British Columbia "Selective Entry and Bidders’ Informativeness in First-Price Auctions" Felix Pretis

Second Term, Jan-Apr 2022

Jan 14 Blocked for JM
Jan 21 Blocked for JM
Jan 28 Blocked for JM
Feb 4 Blocked for JM
Feb 11 Blocked for JM
Feb 18 Blocked for JM
Feb 25 Blocked for JM
Mar 4 Blocked for JM

*Mar 9, 12:30-1:20PM DSB C126

Janelle Mann - University of Manitoba

Relationships and Dynamics between Ethanol and Gasoline Prices in Brazil

Ke Xu
*Mar 16 (Virtual, see BB Seminar page) Taylor Wright -University of Ottawa

Policing for whom? Officer-involved shootings and police legitimacy in Chicago

Mar 18 (In person) Rob Gillezeau - UVic

Policing, Uprisings, and the Struggle for Equal Treatment

Mar 25 (In person) Jimmy Yang - Oregon State Aggregate 52-week high, limited attention, and time-varying momentum profits Ke Xu
Apr 1 (virtual) Damba Lkhagvasuren - Concordia On the Role of a Persistent Sectoral Match Shock for Mobility and Wages (joint with S.Auray, D. Fuller, & A. Terracol) Marco Cozzi

Winter 2020-21

Date Speaker Title Host
First Term, Sep-Dec 2020
Sep 25th Price Fishback - University of Arizona Racial Differences in Access to New Deal Relief Under the WPA in 1940 Rob Gillezeau
Sep 30 @ 12:30pm Tony Cookson - University of Colorado at Boulder Echo Chambers Donna Feir
Oct 2 No seminar
Oct 9 Matthew Harvey - University of South Carolina The Impact of Fatal Encounters with Police on Trust Donna Feir
Oct 16

Soodeh Saberian - University of Manitoba

Traffic Pollution Inhibits Academic Development: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Iran Felix Pretis
Oct 23 Krishna Pendakur - Simon Fraser University Intertemporal Collective Household Models: Identification in Short Panels with Unobserved Heterogeneity in Resource Shares (paper) Elisabeth Gugl
Oct 28 @ 12:30pm Anders Bredahl Kock - Oxford (Deptl Seminar) Functional Sequential Treatment Allocation Felix Pretis
Oct 30 No Seminar
Nov 6 Christa Bouwman, Texas A&M University To Syndicate or Not To Syndicate? That’s The Question! Paul Schure
Nov 13 Blair Long, Queen's University Heterogeneous College Noncompletion: Empirics, Theory and Policy
Maggie Jones
Nov 20 Meng Li, Queen's University Within-city Income Inequality, Residential Sorting, and House Prices Ke Xu
Nov 27 Brendan Beare - UCSD

Tail behavior of stopped Lévy processes with Markov modulation (paper)

Felix Pretis

Second Term, Jan-Apr 2021

Feb 9

*Altered day and time: Tuesday, 3:00-4:00pm 

*Private link

Chair Candidate #1 To request more information, contact

Feb 12

*Private link

Chair Candidate #2 To request more information, contact

Feb 19

*Altered time: Friday, 11:30am -12:30pm

*Private link

Chair Candidate #3 To request more information, contact

Feb 23

*Altered day and time: Tuesday, 3:00-4:00pm 

*Private link

Chair Candidate #4 To request more information, contact

Feb 26

Bocar Ba - UC Irvine

Going the Extra Mile: The Cost of Complaint Filing, Accountability, and Law Enforcement Outcomes in Chicago


Rob Gillezeau
Mar 19 Rowena Gray - UC Merced

A Rising Tide? The Local Incidence of the Second Wave of Globalization (with Greg C. Wright)

Maggie Jones
Mar 26 Yu-Lun Chen - Chun Yuan christian U, Taiwan

Vehicle Currency and Price Discovery


Ke Xu
Apr 2  No Seminar Good Friday
Apr 9 Natasha Kang - UBC

Modeling long cycles


Winter 2019-20

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2019
Sep 13 Pamela Moulton - Cornell "Catch Me If You Can: Improving the Scope and Accuracy of Fraud Prediction"  Host: Ke Xu
Sep 20 Duk Gyoo Kim - University of Mannheim, Germany "Multilateral Bargaining over the Division of Losses" (with Wooyoung Lim) (paper) Host: Elisabeth Gugl
Sep 27 Jean-Francois Wen - Fiscal Affairs Dept, IMF "The Optimal Turnover Threshold and Tax Rate for SMEs" (paper) Host: Marco Cozzi
Oct 4 Harry Paarsch - University of Central Florida "HUI: A Case Study of a Sequential Double Auction of Capital" (paper) Host: TBA
Oct 11 Swetlana Malinkovich - University of Erlangen-Nuremberg "Loan Supply and Bank Capital: A Micro-Macro Linkage" (paper) Host: TBA
Oct 18 No seminar
Oct 25 Felipe Valencia Caicedo - Vancouver School of Economics, UBC "Tordesillas, Slavery and the Origins of Inequality in Brazil" (paper) Host: Maggie Jones
Nov 1 No seminar - Alumni event.

Nov 4

*Altered day: Monday

*Altered location: DSB C128

Meredith Lynn Fowlie - UC Berkeley "Mitigating Emissions Leakage in Incomplete Carbon Markets" Host: Felix Pretis
Nov 22 No seminar
Nov 29 No seminar
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2020
Jan 10 Michael King - Gustavson School of Business "The Competitive Threat from TechFins and BigTech in Financial Services" (paper) Host: Ke Xu
Jan 17 John Janmaat - UBC "Detecting Social Network Effects on Willingness to Pay for Environmental Improvements using Egocentric Network Measures" (paper) Host: G.C. van Kooten
Jan 24 Jie (April) Cai - Shanghai University of Finance and Economics "Knowledge Diffusion, Trade, and Innovation across Countries and Sectors" (paper) Host: Ke Xu
Jan 31 Hendrik Wolff - SFU "Mobility as a Service and Autonomous Vehicle Economics" Host: Felix Pretis
Feb 7 Kevin Schnepel - SFU "Opioid Use, Health and Crime: Insights from a Rapid Reduction in Heroin Supply" Host: Maggie Jones

Feb 10

*Altered day: Monday

*Altered location: DSB C114

Ross McKitrick - University of Guelph "Taxing Emissions When They Are Already Regulated" (paper) Host: G.C. van Kooten
Feb 14 No seminar
Feb 21 No seminar - Reading Break.

Feb 27

*Day: Thursday

*Time: 7:00-9:00pm

*Location: DTB A110

Lansdowne Lecture: Kimberley Scharf, University of Birmingham

"Selling the Public Good: Charities and the Private Provision of Public Goods"

For more information, visit the event page

Feb 28

*Altered location: DSB C118

Kimberley Scharf - University of Birmingham

Lansdowne visitor

"Lift and Shift: The Effect of Fundraising Interventions in Charity Space and Time" Host: Elisabeth Gugl
Mar 6 Alexis Anagnostopoulos - Stony Brook University "Financing Corporate Tax Cuts with Shareholder Taxes" Paper Host: Marco Cozzi
Mar 13 Cancelled
Mar 20 Cancelled
Mar 27 Cancelled
Apr 3 Cancelled

Summer 2019

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Summer 2019

Aug 29

IWFSAS Keynote Address: Luigi Zingales (Robert C. McCormack Distinguished Service Professor Of Entrepreneurship And Finance, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business)

Time: 12:15-2:00pm

Location: University Club

Aug 29



IWFSAS public panel discussion: Climate-Smart Finance

Time: 4:00-6:00pm

Location: David Turpin Building, Room A120



Winter 2018-19

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2018
Sep 14 Walker Hanlon - NYU Stern "London Fog: A Century of Pollution and Mortality, 1866-1965" (paper) Host: Maggie Jones
Sep 21 No seminar
Sep 28 No seminar

Oct 3

*Altered day: Wednesday

*Altered time: 12:30-1:20pm

Jorge Cruz Lopez - Bank of Canada "Netting Relationships and Credit Exposures in Payment Systems" (paper) Host: Paul Schure

Oct 9

*This is a Business seminar (all are welcome)

*Tuesday, 12:00-1:30pm

*Location: DSB C125

Jorge Cruz Lopez - Bank of Canada "Residual Risk and Default Waterfalls in Central Counterparties" This Lunch & Learn event is hosted by the Business School. Please note the altered date, time, and location. (Also note that there will still be a regular Friday dept seminar this week, below.)
Oct 12 Patrick Baylis - UBC "Moral Hazard, Wildfires, and the Economic Incidence of Natural Disasters" Host: Felix Pretis
Oct 19 Bertille Antoine - SFU "Identification-Robust Nonparametric Inference in a Linear IV Model" (paper) Host: Elisabeth Gugl
Oct 26 Rick Steckel - Ohio State University "Sexual Dimorphism in Stature as a Measure of Gender Inequality" (abstract) Host: Maggie Jones
Nov 2 No seminar
Nov 9 Huachao Gao - Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, UVic "How Does Local-Global Identity Affect Price Sensitivity?" (paper) Host: Elisabeth Gugl
Nov 16 No seminar - Alumni event.
Nov 23 Thorsten V. Koeppl - Queen's University "The Economics of Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin and Beyond" (paper) Host: Ke Xu
Nov 30 No seminar
Dec 7 Kris E. Inwood - University of Guelph "The Long Arm of Colonialism: The Decline and Rise of Māori Stature" Host: Merwan Engineer
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2019
Jan 11 Felix Pretis - UVic "Testing the Presence of Outliers to Assess Misspecification in Regression Models"
Jan 18 George Tannous - Edwards School of Business, USASK "Market Reaction to Regulatory Merger Announcements: Operating Synergies and Certification Value" (paper) Host: Ke Xu

Jan 22

*Day: Tuesday

*Time: 3:00-4:30 p.m.

*Location: DTB A110

Nava Ashraf - Marshall Institute, LSE

Lansdowne visitor

"Women, Entrepreneurship and Institutions" Host: Elisabeth Gugl

Jan 23

*Day: Wednesday

*Time: 7:00-9:00 p.m.

*Location: DTB A110

Lansdowne Lecture: Nava Ashraf on 'Human Nature and Human Development.'

For more information, visit the event page.

Feb 8 Ke Xu - UVic "Stock Market Openness and Market Quality: Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program"
Feb 15 Robert Kaufmann - Boston University "Oil Price Regimes: Why Do Oil Prices Stray from Fundamentals?" Host: Felix Pretis
Feb 22 Reading break - no seminar
Mar 1 Don Fullerton - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign "Costs of Energy Efficiency Mandates Can Reverse the Sign of Rebound" (paper) Host: Graham Voss

Mar 5

*Altered day: Tuesday

Lisa Cook - Michigan State University "Violence and Economic Activity: How the Past Informs the Present" Host: Maggie Jones
Mar 15 Eliav Danziger - SFU "Uncertainty and Export Status: Theory and Evidence" (paper) Host: Marco Cozzi
Mar 29 Annamaria Milazzo - World Bank & UNICEF "Why Are Adult Women Missing? Son Preference and Maternal Survival in India" Host: Nilanjana Roy
Apr 5 Maggie Jones - UVic "The Determinants and Impacts of Historical Treaty-Making in Canada"

Winter 2017-18

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2017
Sept 15 Daniel O'Neill - Leeds University "Achieving a Sustainable Economy" Host: Merwan Engineer
Sept 22

Terrence Hendershott - Haas Business School, UC Berkeley

"Relationship Trading in OTC Markets" (paper) Host: Ke Xu
Sept 29

Geoff Dunbar - Bank of Canada

"Commodity Prices and Currency Returns" (joint with Edouard Djeutem) Host: Graham Voss

Oct 4 (Wednesday)

7:00-8:30 p.m., DTB A104

Munir Sheikh - Carleton, & former Chief Statistician of Canada "Size of Government, Public Policy and Political Leadership"

Host: Martin Farnham

This is an Alumni event.

Oct 6 Soo Hong Chew - Professor & Provost Chair (Economics), National University of Singapore "Ellsberg Meets Keynes: Missing Links Among Attitudes Toward Sources of Uncertainty" Host: Daniel Rondeau
Oct 13 Youssef Benzarti - UCLA "What Goes Up May Not Come Down: Asymmetric Incidence of Value-Added Taxes" (paper) Host: Elisabeth Gugl
Oct 20 Alisa Tazhitdinova - McMaster University "When Tax Incentives, Hour Constraints and Job Availabilities Clash: Moonlighting Responses to a Large Tax Reform" Host: Elisabeth Gugl
Nov 3 No seminar, due to the Economic Alumni Council Fall Social Event N/A N/A
Nov 10 Markus Baldauf - Assistant Professor of Finance, Sauder School of Business, UBC

"Trading in Fragmented Markets" (paper)

Host: Ke Xu
Nov 24 Munir Squires - UBC

"Kinship Taxation as an Impediment to Growth: Experimental Evidence from Kenyan Microenterprises" (paper)

Host: Donna Feir
Nov 28 (Tuesday) Michael Ehrmann - European Central Bank "Starting from a blank page? Semantic similarity in central bank communication and market volatility" (paper) Host: Paul Schure
Dec 1 Jill Horwitz - UCLA Law, & Austin Nichols - Abt Associates "Technology Regulation Reconsidered: The Effects of Certificate of Need on Diagnostic Imaging Access, Quality, and Cost" TBA
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2018

All remaining seminar spots from January to March 16th are reserved for job talks.

Mar 23 Vincenzo Quadrini - USC Marshall School of Business

"Bank Interconnectivity and Leverage" (joint with A. Barattieri & L. Moretti) (paper)

Host: Marco Cozzi

Winter 2016-17

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2016

September 16

Eckhard Janeba - University of Mannheim "Fiscal Competition and Public Debt"  (paper) Host:  Elisabeth Gugl
September 23 Gurupdesh Pandher - University of Windsor

“Entrepreneurial Finance: Equity Division & Expected Investment Returns with Risk-Averse Financiers and Search by Entrepreneurs”

Host:  Paul Schure
September 30

Michael Böehm - University of Bonn

 "Who Wants to be a Teacher"  (paper)

Host:  Martin Farnham
October 21 Jamein Cunningham - Portland State University  "The Language of the Unheard:  Legal Services And The 1960s Race Riots" (paper) Host:  Rob Gillezeau
October 28 Haifang Huang - University of Alberta "Economy and Happiness in the US" Hosts  Pascal Courty & Merwan Engineer
November 4 Alumni Event - No Seminar this Week
November 11 Remembrance Day - No Seminar this week
November 18 John Knowles - Simon Fraser University "Fertility Shocks and Equilibrium Marriage-Rate Dynamics" Host:  Marco Cozzi
November 25 Seminar Cancelled this Week
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2017
January 2017 - February 11 Reserved for Candidate Presentations
January 20 Don Fullerton - University of Illinois "Vertical and Horizontal Redistributions from Carbon Tax Rebates" Host:  Elisabeth Gugl
February 23 Public Event: An Interntional Expert Panel and Discussion. 7:00-8:30pm, University of Victoria, Harry Hickman Building Room 105. Free and open to the public.

"Canada & International Trade and Finance: The Impact of CETA, US Elections and Brexit"


Contact:  Paul Schure
February 24-25

International Workshop at the University of Victoria February 24:  University Club February 25:  Inn at Laurel Point

"The Creation of New Institutions in Response to the Euro Area Crisis"


Contact:  Paul Schure

Registration is free. Please email:

February 24 Thierry Warin - HEC Montreal

"Reducing Systemic Risk in Europe: Is the 'Banking Union’ a Big Enough Step?"

Host: Paul Schure (co-sponsored by the European Union Centre of Excellence at UVic)
February 28 (Tuesday) Jon M.Conrad - Cornell University  (Lansdowne Seminar)

"Sequential Investment with Technical Innovation and Heterogeneous Site Quality" Paper

Host:  Daniel Rondeau
March 3 Nicolas Duquette - University of Southern California "Philanthropy, Inequality, and the Income Tax: High-Income Giving in the United States 1917-2014Paper Host:  Rob Gillezeau
March 17 Kathy Baylis - University of Illinois "What Drives Forest Leakage?" Host: Martin Farnham
March 24 Miguel Molico - Bank of Canada, Ottawa "Short-run Dynamics in a Search-Theoretic Model of Monetary Exchange" Host:  Marco Cozzi

Summer 2016

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Summer 2016
May 12 Harry Anthony Patrinos World Bank                   CANCELLED

Host: Donna Feir

August 18


Location: Sedgewick C168

Pompeo Della Posta (University of Pisa)

"Economic and Political Reasons of the Euro Area Crisis"

Host: Paul Schure (co-sponsored by the European Union Centre of Excellence at UVic)


August 26 and 27



“The Role of Cooperative Banks in Promoting Financial Stability and Sustainable Economic Development”

Keynote address: Thorsten Beck, City University London and CEPR)

"Co-organiser: Paul Schure. For more information visit the IWFSAS website:

Winter 2015-16

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2015
 Sept  11 Dominique Demougin University of Liverpool "ADR versus Litigation:  A Cost Paradox".  (paper) Host: Linda Welling
 Sept 18 Lutz Kilian University of Michigan "The Impact of the Shale Oil Revolution on U.S. Oil and Gasoline Prices" (paper) Host: Martin Farnham
 Oct 2 Julie Cullen UC San Diego "Political Alignment and Tax Evasion" (paper) Host: Martin Farnham
 Oct 23 Oksana Leukhina University of Washington "How Risky Is College Investment?" (paper) Host: Marco Cozzi
 Oct 30 Daniel Henderson University of Alabama

"A Partially Parametric Estimator"  (paper)

Host: David Giles
 Nov 6

Luba Petersen Simon Fraser University

"Expectations and Monetary Policy:  Experimental Evidence" (paper) Host: Marco Cozzi
 Nov 17 Matthew Backus Columbia University "Cheap Talk, Round Numbers, and the Economics of Negotiation" (paper) Host:  Elisabeth Gugl
 Nov 27 Vanessa Alviarez Sauder School of Business, UBC "Multinational Production and Comparative Advantage" Host:  Elisabeth Gugl
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2016
Jan 8  (3:30-5:00) Irene Botosaru Simon Fraser University "Difference in Differences when the Treatment Status is Observed in Only One Period"  (paper) Host: Elisabeth Gugl
Jan 15 Lucas Herrenbrueck Simon Fraser University "Optimal Monetary Policy, Currency Unions, and the Eurozone Divergence" (paper) Host:  Paul Schure - Seminar joint with the European Union Centre of Excellence.
Jan 22 Thomas Lemieux Vancouver School of Economics "Unemployment in the Great Recession: A Comparison of Germany, Canada and the United States" Host:  Donna Feir - Seminar joint with the European Union Centre of Excellence.
Feb 5 Alexander Karaivanov Simon Fraser University "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed:  Theory and Evidence on the (Dis)Advantages of Informal Loans" (paper) Host: Alok Kumar
Feb 19 Dave Freeman Simon Fraser University "Incentives and Presentation in the Elicitation of Risk Preferences" Host:  Donna Feir
Feb 26 Marit Rehavi UBC - Vancouver School of Economics "A Doctor Will See You Now: Provider Continuity and Birth Outcomes" Host: Chris Auld
Mar 4 Kevin Miligan UBC - Vancouver School of Economics "Non-Cognitive Deficits and Young Adult Outcomes: The Long-Run Impacts of a Universal Child Care Program" (paper) Host:  Elisabeth Gugl
Mar 11 Matthieu Chemin McGill University "Can Trust in Health Insurance Reduce Poverty?  Evidence from a Low-Cost Trust-Building Intervention".  (paper) Host:  Alok Kumar
Mar 15 Mariacristina De Nardi Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago "The Implications of Richer Earnings Dynamics for Consumption, Wealth, and Welfare".  (paper) Host:  Marco Cozzi
Mar 24  2:30-4pm Gurupdesh Pandher University of Windsor "Entreprenurial Finance-Role of Financier Risk Aversion Heterogeneity & Search by Enterpreneurs"  (paper) Host:  Paul Schure
Apr 1 Arvind Magesan University of Calgary "Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Games when Players' Beliefs Are Not in Equilibrium"  (paper) Host:  Chris Auld

Summer 2015

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Summer 2015
July 16 Travers Child

“We Don't Need No Education: Reconstruction and Conflict across Afghanistan”

Host:  David Scoones
 July 30 Conchita Garcia-Iglesias Juha Kilponen (Bank of Finland)

“Secular Stagnation - Experiences of Greece, Portugal, Spain & Finland”

Host:  Paul Schure  Seminar joint with the European Union Centre of Excellence.
 Aug 20 - Thursday

Stylianos Perrakis Concordia University

“Financial oligopolies: Theory and Empirical Evidence from the Credit Default Swap Markets” (paper) Host:  Paul Schure

Winter 2014-15

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2014
Fri, Sep 5

Terri Kneeland University College  London, UK

"Testing behavioral game theory: higher-order rationality and consistent beliefs." Host:  Donna Feir
Fri, Sep 12 Jennifer Romich U of Washington, School of Social Work

"Income dynamics of child welfare-involved families in Washington State"

Host: Martin Farnham
Fri, Sep 19 Nathan Seegert Business School, University of Utah "Barriers to Migration in a System of Cities" (paper) Host: Elisabeth Gugl
Fri, Oct 10

David Drukker STATA

"Estimating Average Treatment Effects and Quantile Treatments under Conditional Independence."

Host:  Donna Feir
Fri, Oct 17 Victoria Zinde-Walsh McGill University "Nonparametric Estimation and Inference without Distributional Assumptions" (paper) Host:  David Giles
Fri, Oct 24 Fernando Aragon Simon Fraser University

" Do better property rights improve local income? Evidence from First Nations’ treaties" (paper)

Host:  Alok Kumar
Fri, Nov 14 Giovanni Gallipoli Vancouver School of Economics "Skill Complementarity and the Geography of Intergenerational Mobility" (paper) Host:  Alok Kumar
Fri, Nov 21 David Green Vancouver School of Economics "Taking Selection to Task: Bounds on Trends in Occupational Task Prices for the U.S., 1984-2013" (paper) "The Great Reversal in the Demand for Skill and Cognitive Tasks" (paper) Host:  Herb Schuetze
Wed. Dec. 10 David Agrawal Georgia State University  "State Tax Differentials, Cross-Border Commuting, and Commuting Times in Multi-State Metropolitan Areas". (paper) Host:  Elisabel Gugl
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2015
January to Feburary 20 Reserved for Candidate Presentations
February 27 Jennifer F. Reinganum/Andrew F. Daughety Vanderbilt University "Informal Sanctions on Prosecutors and Defendants and the Disposition of Criminal Cases"     (Technical Appendix) (Paper) Host:  Linda Welling
March 6 Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco "Unemployment Crises"  (paper) Host:  Ken Stewart
March 13 Jean-Francois Wen University of Calgary "Tax Penalties on Fluctuating Incomes:  Estimates from Longitudinal Data" (paper) Host:  David Scoones
March 20 Vadim Marmer Vancouver School of Economics "Identifying Collusion in English Auctions"
March 27
March 31 (Tuesday) Mukesh Eswaran Vancouver School of Economics "A Gender-Based Theory of the Origin of the Caste System of India"
April 13

Cristobal Young Stanford University

"Millionaire Migration and the Taxation of the Elite: Evidence from Administrative Data" (paper)

Winter 2013-14

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2013
Fri, Sep 20

Mike Ostrovsky, Stanford University, Economics

"Reserve Prices in Internet Advertising Auctions: A Field Experiment" (paper) Hosts: P. Courty & D. Rondeau
Fri, Sep 27 Nathan Tefft, University of Washington, Dept of Health Services "First, Do No Harm: Financial Conflicts in Medicine" (paper) Host: C. Auld
Mon, Oct 7, HSD A250 Jean De Bettignies, Queen's School of Business "When is Social Responsibility Socially Desirable?"

Host: Paul Schure

Note: different date & location

Fri, Oct 25 Laura Turner, University of Toronto, Economics "Relationship Skills in the Labor and Marriage Markets" (paper) Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Nov 1 Jane Friesen, SFU, Economics

"Open Enrollment and Student Achievement" (paper)

Host: D. Feir
Fri, Nov 8 Ivan O. Asensio, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business "The VIX-VIX Futures Puzzle" (paper) Host: K. Stewart
Fri, Nov 15

Geoffrey Dunbar, Bank of Canada

"American Dad: Families, Fathers and Childcare Shocks" (paper)

Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Nov 22 Kim Scharf, University of Warwick, Economics  "Implications of Competition in the Non-Profit Sector for Public Funding of Charitable Activities". (paper) Host: L. Welling
Fri, Nov 29 Christian Dippel, University of California "The Rents from Trade:  Removing the Sugar Coating" Host: D. Feir
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2014
Fri, Jan 17 Viktoria Hnatkovska, Vancouver School of Economics "Structural Transformation and the Rural-Urban Divide" Host: A. Kumar
Fri, Jan 24 Tammy Schirle, Wilfrid Laurier University, Economics

"The Effect of Universal Child Benefits  on Labour Supply"

Host: H. Schuetze
Fri, Jan 31 Krishna Pendakur, SFU, Economics "Necessary Luxuries" Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Feb 7 Joshua Gottlieb, Vancouver School of Economics "Bargaining in the Shadow of a Giant: Medicare's Influence on Private Payment Systems" (paper) Host C. Auld
Fri, Feb 21 Michael Ehrmann, Bank of Canada "Exploring Differences in Household Debt across Euro Area Countries and the US"  (paper) Host: Paul Schure (co-sponsored by the European Union Centre of Excellence at UVic)
Fri, Feb 28 Nicole Fortin, Vancouver School of Economics "Leaving Boys Behind:  Gender Disparities in High Academic Achievement"  (paper) Host: D. Feir
Fri, Mar 7 Hisahiro Naito, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba

 "Pareto-improving Immigration in the Presence of Social Security". (paper)

Host: M. Farnham
Tue, Mar 11 Yoossoon Chang, Department of Economics, University of Indiana

"Regime Switching Model with Endogenous Autoregressive Latent Factor∗ (paper)

Host: E. Gugl

SEMINAR TIME: 1:30-3:00 PM

Fri, Mar 14

Lai Jiang, Marketing, Sauder School of Business

"An Empirical Model of the Effect of "Bill Shock" Regulation in Mobile Telecommunication Markets"  (paper)

Host:  P. Courty

Fri, Mar 21 Katherine Cuff, McMaster University, Economics "Tax Treatment of Bequests when Donor Benefits do not Count" (paper) Host: M. Farnham
Fri, Apr 04 Yu-chin Chen, University of Washington, Economics "Understanding Exchange Rate Dynamics: What Does The Term Structure of FX Options Tell Us? (paper) Host:  TBA

Summer 2013

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Summer 2013

Thurs, May 16

Iftekhar Hasan Finance and Business Economics, Fordham University

"More than Connectedness - Heterogeneity of CEO Social network and Firm Value"(pdf paper)

Co-Hosts: Peter B Gustavson School of Business and the Department of Economics

Winter 2012-13

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2012
Fri, Sep 14 John Janmaat
UBC, Economics
"Residential Water Use and Persuasion in Kelowna: Persistence Pays" (pdf paper) Host: K. van Kooten
Fri, Sep 21 Mahmoud El-Gamal
Rice University - (Seminar cancelled)
"Bank-Insured RoSCA for Microfinance: Experimental Evidence in Poor Egyptian Villages" (pdf paper) Host: E. Gugl &

Daromir Rudnyckyj (Pacific & Asian Studies)

Fri, Oct 12 Vihang Errunza
McGill University
"The Impact of Investability on Asset Valuation" (pdf paper) Hosts: M. Engineer & Basma Majerbi (Peter B. Gustavson School of Business)
Fri, Oct 19 Zhiqi Chen
Carleton University, Economics
“Supplier Incentives in the Presence of Buyer Power: A General Theory with Applications” Host: P. Courty & D. Rondeau
Fri, Oct 26 April Cai
University of New South Wales, Australia
"Growth Through Inter-sectoral Knowledge Linkages" (pdf paper) Host: G. Voss
Fri, Nov 2 Sorin Rizeanu
UVic, Business
"Auditor Quality and Firm Debt Maturity:
International Evidence" (pdf paper)
Host: P. Schure
Fri, Nov 9 Ross Hickey
UBC Okanagan, Economics
"Immigrant Labour Market Participation and Earnings: The Effect of Regulation" Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Nov 23 Thomas F. Hellmann
UBC Strategy
"Angels and Venture Capitalists: Complements or Substitutes?" Host: P. Schure
Wed. Nov. 21
7:00 pm - SSM Bldg. Room A120
Faculty of Social Sciences Panel Series "Five Years Into The Crisis: What Lies Ahead?" (pdf poster) Hosts: Faculty of Social Sciences/(Dept. of Economics)
Fri, Nov 30 Matilde Bombardini
UBC, Economics
"How Robust is the Skill-Dispersion-Complementarity Hypothesis?" Host: E. Gugl
Mon, Dec 3 Donna Feir
UBC, Economics
"The Long Term Effects of Indian Residential Schools on Human and Cultural Capital" Host: C. Auld
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2013
Fri, Jan 11 Chris Muris
SFU, Economics
"Efficient GMM Estimation with a General Missing Data Pattern" (pdf paper) Host: D. Giles
Fri, Jan 18 Kirill Chernomaz
San Francisco State University Economics
"On the Effects of Joint Bidding in Independent Private Value Auctions: An Experimental Study" (pdf paper) Host: P. Courty
Thur, Jan 24 Deirdre McCloskey
University of Iliinois at Chicago
"The Bankruptcy of Tests of Statistical Significance" (pdf poster) Co-Hosts: Peter B Gustavson School of Business, Department of Economics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Fri, Jan 25 Rachel Heath
University of Washington, Economics
"Why do firms hire using referrals?  Evidence from Bangladeshi garment factories" (pdf paper) Host: N. Roy
Fri, Feb 1 Joshua K. Ault
Peter B. Gustavson School of Business
"The Institutional Context of Poverty: State Fragility as a Predictor of Cross-National Variation in Commercial Microfinance Lending" (pdf paper) Host: M. Engineer
Fri, Feb 8 Mike Hoy
University of Guelph, Economics
"Managing Genetic Tests, Surveillance, and Preventive Medicine Under a Public Health Insurance System" (pdf paper) Host: M. Engineer
Fri, Mar 1 Andrew McGee
SFU, Economics
"Employer Learning and the 'Importance' of Skills" Host: H. Schuetz
Fri, Mar 8 Don Drummond
Queen's University
"How Did the World Economy Get So Messed Up?  Some Old and New Lessons"

Host: P. Schure
Note non-standard time/location: 1:45-3pm COR A225

Fri, Mar 15 Florian Hoffmann

"A Community Instructor like Me: Race and Ethnicity Interactions in the Classroom?" (pdf paper)

Host: P. Courty
Fri, Mar 22 Marianne Page
UC Davis, Economics
"The Kids Will Be Alright: Long Term Effects of Growing Up During a Recession" Host: E. Gugl
Thu, Apr 4 Fiona Scott Morton
Yale School of Management
"The Role of Economics - and the Economist - in Competition Policy" Lansdowne Lecture Series
7:00pm, SSM A104
Fri, Apr 5 Fiona Scott Morton
Yale School of Management
"Biosimilar Medications: Competition and Policy Issues"(pdf slides) Host: P. Courty

Winter 2011-12

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2011
Fri, Sep 9 Daniel Riera-Crichton
Bates College, Economics
"Banking Crises, External Turmoil and the Role of Gross Foreign Investment Reversals" (pdf paper) Host: P. Schure
Fri, Sep 16 Chris Bidner
University of New South Wales
"Property Rights over Marital Transfers" (pdf paper) Host: A. Kumar
Fri, Sep 23 Anirban Basu
University of Washington,
Dept. of Health Services
"Exploring comparative effect heterogeneity with instrumental variables: prehospital intubation and mortality" (pdf paper) Host: C. Auld
Fri, Sep 30 John Friedman
Harvard, Economics
“Using DIfferences in Knowledge Across Neighborhoods to Uncover the Impacts of the EITC on Earnings" (pdf slides) Host: P. Courty
Fri, Oct 14 Evren Damar
Bank of Canada
"Consumer Bankruptcy and Information" Host: P. Schure
Fri, Oct 21 Anna Bogomolnaia
Rice University, Economics
"Probabilistic Assignment of Objects: Characterizing the Serial Rule" (pdf paper) Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Oct 28 Fernando Aragon
SFU, Economics
"Candidate Nomination Procedures and Quality of Government" (pdf paper) Host: A. Kumar
Fri, Nov 4 Silvia Gonçalves
Université du Montréal
"Bootstrapping factor-augmented regression models" (pdf paper) Host: D. Giles
Fri, Nov 18 Jean-François Tremblay
University of Ottawa, Economics
"Non-cooperative Pollution Control in an Inter-jurisdictional Setting" (pdf paper) Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Nov 25 Ramo Gençay
SFU, Economics
"Serial Correlation Tests with Wavelets" (pdf paper) Host: J. Clarke
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2012
Fri, Jan 20 Takamitsu Kurita
Fukuoka University
"Modelling time series data of monetary aggregates using I(2) and I(1) cointegration analysis" (paper) Host: K. Stewart
Fri, Jan 27 Jill Horwitz
University of Michigan, Law
"Just what the market ordered:  Diffusion and Duplication of Invasive Cardiac Services in the U.S." Host: M. Farnham
Fri, Feb 3 Sylvain Dessy
Université Laval
"Foreign Direct Investments in Africa's Farmlands: Threat or Opportunity for Local Populations?" (pdf paper) Host: A. Kumar
Fri, Feb 24 Chloe Tergiman
UBC, Business
"The Process of Choice in Guessing Games" (paper) Host: P. Schure
Thu, Mar 1 Matthew Jackson
"Social Networks and Economics: Lessons from Rural India" Lansdowne Lecture Series
7:00 p.m.,
HHB 105
Fri, Mar 2 Matthew Jackson
"Collective Dynamic Choice: The Necessity of Time Inconsistency" (paper) Host: E. Gugl
Lansdowne Speaker
Fri, Mar 9 Randall Akee
Tufts University
"Political Institutions, Constitutional Change, and Economic Development – Evidence from the Constitutions of American Indian Nations" (pdf paper) Host: D. Scoones
Fri, Mar 16 Kaivan Munshi
Brown University, Economics
"Black Mobilization After Emancipation:
Evidence from Reconstruction and the Great Migration" (pdf paper)
Host: M. Engineer
Fri, Mar 30 John D. Wilson
Michigan State University
"Pigou, Becker and the Regulation of Punishment-Proof Firms" (pdf paper) Host: E. Gugl

Winter 2010-11

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2010
Fri, Sep 10 Thomas Lemieux
UBC, Economics
"Occupational Tasks and Changes in the Wage
Structure" (paper)
Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Sep 17 Hiroyuki Kasahara
UBC, Economics

"Sequential estimation of structural models with a fixed point constraint'' (pdf paper)

Host: N. Roy
Fri, Sep 24 Panu Kalmi
Helsinki School of Economics
"Organizational Structure and Performance in European Banks: a Reassessment" (pdf paper) Host: P. Schure
Fri, Oct 1 Chair: Paul Schure
UVic, Economics
PUBLIC PANEL – Lessons from the Global Economic Crisis: Spending, Austerity and Regulation
Harjoat Bhamra, UBC
Merwan Engineer, UVic
David Mayes, University of Auckland
George Pagoulatos, University of Athens
Lucia Quaglia, University of Sussex
Co-organiser: P. Schure
Room: DSB C 116
Fri, Oct 8 David Atkinson
UVic, Geography
"Dimensions of Vulnerability in Arctic Coastal  
Host: P. Schure
Fri, Oct 22 Christina Atanasova
SFU, Business
"Familiarity Breeds Institutional Investment: Evidence from US Corporate Defined Benefit Pension Plans" (pdf paper) Host: P. Schure
Fri, Oct 29 Jesse Matheson
U of Calgary, Economics
"Estimating tobacco price elasticity in Canada's Aboriginal communities" (pdf paper) Host: D. Scoones
Fri, Nov 5 Anke Kessler
SFU, Economics
"Communication in Federal Politics: Universalism, Policy Uniformity, and the Optimal Allocation of Fiscal Authority" Host: P. Courty
Fri, Nov 19 Martha O'Brien
UVic, Law
"Tax Treaties and International Investment Agreements" Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Nov 26 Aman Ullah
UC Riverside, Economics
"Nonparametric and Semiparametric Panel Econometric Models: Estimation and Testing" (pdf paper) (pdf panel paper) Host: N. Roy
Fri, Dec 3 Nava Ashraf
Harvard Business School
"Household Bargaining and Excess Fertility: An Experimental Study in Zambia" (pdf paper) Host: E. Gugl
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2011
Fri, Jan 14 Joanne Roberts
U of Calgary, Economics 
"Optimal Policies with an Informal Sector" (pdf paper) Host: E. Gugl
Thur, Jan 20 John Roberts
Stanford, Graduate School of Business
"In Praise of Weak Incentives" Poster...

Video recording

HHB 105
Fri, Jan 21 John Roberts
Stanford, Graduate School of Business
"Does Management Matter? Evidence from India" (pdf paper) Host: D. Scoones
DSB C122
Fri, Jan 28 Don Fullerton
University of Illinois
"Negative Leakage" (pdf paper) Host: E. Hutchinson
Fri, Feb 4 Werner Antweiler
UBC, Business
"Mitigation + Adaptation: What is the optimal climate change policy mix?" (pdf paper) Host: M. Farnham
Fri, Feb 11 Li Hao
UBC, Economics
"Sincere Voting in Large Elections" (pdf paper ) Host: P. Courty
BEC 402
Fri, Feb 18 Thomas Ross
UBC, Sauder School of Business
“Mergers, Managerial Efficiency, and Social Welfare” (pdf paper) Host: P. Courty
Fri, Mar 4 Robert Feenstra
UC Davis, Economics
"Exports and Credit Constraints under Incomplete Information: Theory and Evidence from China" (pdf paper) Host: C. Mosk
Fri, Mar 11 Doug Miller
UC Davis, Economics
"The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Understanding Pro-cyclical Mortality" (pdf paper) Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Mar 18 Ronald Wendner
Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria
"Technical Change and Speed of Convergence - The Role of Learning and Embodiment" (pdf paper) Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Mar 25 Arvind Magesan
U of Calgary, Economics
"Human Rights Treaty Ratification of Aid Receiving Countries" (pdf paper) Host: C. Auld
Fri, Apr 1 Justin Leroux
HEC Montreal, Economics
"Looking Ahead v. Looking Back: Revisiting
the Carbon Tax"
Host: E. Gugl
Fri, Apr 15
Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bangalore

"Public Age Reallocations for India's Elderly: Evidence and Implications Based on National Transfer Accounts" (pdf paper)

Host: P. Schure

Summer 2010

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Summer 2010
Thur, 13 May Jan Tuinstra
U of Amsterdam
"Positive expectations feedback experiments and number guessing games as models of financial markets" (with Joep Sonnemans)" (pdf paper) Note non-standard time: 10:30-12pm, Room COR A128
Host: Paul Schure
Fri, 18 - 21 June Various Summer School: "Financial Institutions in the 21st Century" (Program) Organizer: Paul Schure
Mon, 21 June Viral V Acharya
New York University
"Measuring Systemic Risk" Union Club of B.C.
Host: Paul Schure

Winter 2009-10

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2009
Fri, Sep 11 Harry Paarsch
Economics, U Melbourne
"Implementing Faustmann: Stochastic Dynamic Programming in Space" (pdf paper)  
Mon, Sep 21 David Albouy
Economics, U Michigan
"Quality of Life, Firm Productivity, and the Value of Amenities Across Canadian Cities" & "Fiscal Equalization Under Federal Taxation: Doubling the Distortion?"  
Fri, Sep 25 Jia Liu
Economics, UVic
"A Dynamic Extreme Value Approach to Measure Tail Risk in Energy Futures"  
Fri, Oct 2 Audrey Yap
Philosophy, UVic
"Dynamic Epistemic Logic"  
Fri, Oct 9 Pascal Courty
Economics, UVic
"Price Discrimination in the Concert Industry" (pdf paper)  
Fri, Oct 16 Richard Arnott
Economics, UC Riverside
"The Stability of Downtown Parking and Traffic Congestion" (pdf paper)  
Fri, Oct 23 Ana Ferrer
Economics, U Calgary
"The Returns to Flexible Post-secondary Education: The Effect of Delaying School" (pdf paper) This seminar is joint with School of Public Administration
Fri, Oct 30 Brian Krauth
Economics, SFU
"Bounding a linear causal effect using relative correlation restrictions" (pdf paper)  
Fri, Nov 6 Jane Cooley
Economics, U Wisconsin-Madison
"A Framework for the Analysis of Time-varying Treatment Effects: How The Timing of Grade Retention Affects Outcomes" (pdf paper)  
Fri, Nov 20 Alan Sorenson
Business, Stanford
"The Welfare Effects of Ticket Resale" (pdf paper) This seminar is joint with Faculty of Business
Fri, Nov 27 Basma Majerbi
Business, UVic
"Is Currency Factor Important for Global Portfolios?" (pdf paper) Note non-standard time: 2:30-4pm
This seminar is joint with Faculty of Business
Fri, Dec 4 Aprajit Mahajan
Economics, Stanford
"Time Inconsistency, Expectations and Technology Adoption: The Case of Insecticide Treated Nets" Note non-standard time: 2:30-4pm
Tue, Dec 8 Joe Price
Economics, Brigham Young U
"The Effect of Parental Time Investments: Evidence from Natural Within-Family Variation"(pdf paper)  
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2010
Fri, Jan 22 Farasat Bokhari
Economics, Florida State
"Entry in the ADHD drugs market: Welfare impact of generics and me-toos" (pdf paper) DSB C116
Fri, Feb 5 Andrew Sfekas
Northwestern, IL
"An Offer You Can't Refuse: Who Uses Cigarette Price Discounts?" (pdf paper) DSB C116
Fri, Feb 12 Chris Auld
Economics, U Calgary
"Contributions to the Empirical Analysis of Addictive Behaviors" (pdf paper) DSB C116
Fri, Feb 26 Jennifer Stewart
Carleton University
"Understanding the Relationship between Parental Work Schedules and Obesity in Children" (pdf paper) DSB C116
Fri, Mar 5 Alex Karaivanov
Economics, SFU
"Dynamic Financial Constraints: Distinguishing Mechanism Design from Exogenously Incomplete Regimes" (pdf paper) Host: Merwan Engineer
Wed, Mar 10 Erik Aerts
Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven
No Public Exchange Banks in Flanders and Branbant (1400-1800): An Explanation of the Absence of Public Banks in the Southern Low Countries. Note: Different date and time -
12:30-1:20pm, BEC 363 (offered jointly as dept seminar/brown bag seminar

Co-sponsored by the Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam.
Host: Paul Schure

Fri, Mar 12 Shachar Kariv
Economics, UC Berkeley
"Archetypes and Polytypes in Decisions under Uncertainty"(pdf abstract) Host: Pascal Courty
Fri, Mar 19 Elisabeth Gugl
Economics, UVic
"Tax Competition and the Efficiency of "Benefit-Related" Business Taxes"  
Fri, Mar 26 Wei Li
Economics, UBC
"Misinformation" (pdf paper) Host: Pascal Courty
Fri, Apr 9 Geoffrey Dunbar
Economics, SFU
"The Family and the Workforce: Demography, Productivity and the Rise in Wage Inequality" (pdf paper) Host: Paul Schure
Fri, Apr 16 David Giles
Economics, UVic
"Bias Reduction for Nonlinear Maximum Likelihood Estimators"  

Winter 2008-09

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2008
Sep 12 Fernando Martin
Economics, SFU
Debt, Inflation and Central Bank Independence  
Sep 19 Elena Panova
Université du Québec à Montréal
Informative Campaign Promises (pdf paper)  
Oct 3 Amartya Lahiri
Economics, UBC
Interest Rate and The Exchange Rate: A Non-Monotonic Tale (pdf paper)  
Oct 10 Bertille Antoine
Economics, SFU
Portfolio Selection With Estimation Risk: A Test Based Approach (pdf paper)  
Oct 17, 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. - Science Buiding A104 TBA Panel Session on the Financial Crisis - Chair: Paul Schure (Economics, UVic); Basma Majerbi (Business, UVic): "Failing Financial Institutions"; Merwan Engineer (Economics, UVic): "Derivative & the Financial Crisis"; Issam Hallak (Economics, Bocconi U.): Bank Bailout & the Budgets of National Governments"; Graham Voss (Economics, UVic): "How Should Cetral Banks Manage the Financial Crisis?"; & Martin Barnes (BCA Research): "The Financial Crisis & the Canadian Economy"  
Oct 24 - 12:00 noon - 1:30 p.m., DSB C128 Eugene Beaulieu
Economics, U Calgary
Why are Women More Protectionist Than Men? (pdf paper)  
Oct 30 - 7:00-8:30 p.m., MAC A144 (Lansdowne Lecture, Joint with Business) John Helliwell
Economics, UBC
What Can We Learn About Life from the Science of Well-Being?  
Oct 31 (Lansdowne Lecture, Joint with Business) John Helliwell
Economics, UBC
Life Satisfaction and Quality of Development  
Nov 7 Eric Santor
Bank of Canada
Trading Places: Impact of Foreign Ownership Changes on Canadian Firms (pdf paper)  
Nov 14 - 12:00 - 1:30 p.m., DSB C128 (Joint with Business) Lindsay Tedds
Public Admin, UVic
Options Backdating: A Canadian Perspective (pdf paper)  
Nov 19 - 12:30-1:20 p.m. Enrico Moretti
Economics, UC Berkeley
Real Wage Inequality (pdf paper)  
Nov 27, 2:30-4:00 p.m., DSB C118 Jeff Racine
Economics, McMaster
Constrained Nonparametric Kernel Regression: Estimation and Inference (pdf paper)  
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2009
Jan 23 - DSB C122 Chris Auld
Economics, U Calgary
Effect of Large-Scale Social Interactions on Body Weight (pdf paper)  
Jan 30 - 2:30 p.m., DSB C122 Frank Heiland
Economics, Florida State U
Social Dynamics of Obesity (pdf paper)  
Feb 6 - DSB C122 Ilan Noy
Economics, U Hawaii, Manoa
Inflation Targeting and Real Exchange Rates in Emerging Markets (pdf paper)  
Mar 6 Andrew Leach
Economics, U Alberta
Would Hotelling Kill the Electric Car? (pdf paper)  
Mar 13 Carl Mosk
Economics, UVic
Elites in the Industrialization of China and Japan, 1850-2000 (pdf paper)  
Mar 20 TBA
Economics, UBC
Doux Commerces: Does Market Competition Cause Trust (pdf paper)  
Mar 26 - 2:30 p.m., DSB C126 (Joint with Business) TBA
Business, SFU
Institutional Risk Taking and Incentives: Evidence from US Defined Benefit Pension Plans (pdf paper)  
Apr 2 - 7:00-8:30 p.m., Social Sci. & Math. Bldg., A102 (Lansdowne Lecture, Joint with Business) Andrew Karolyi
Ohio State U
Financial Reform, Capital Markets Regulation and the Future Competitiveness of Global Financial Markets  
April 3 - 2:30 p.m. (Lansdowne Lecture, Joint with Business) Andrew Karolyi
Ohio State U
Commonality in Returns, Liquidity, and Turnover Around the World (pdf paper)  
Apr 24 - 2:30 p.m., BEC 402 (Joint with Business) John McHale
Business, Queen's U
Selecting Economic Immigrants: An Actuarial Approach (pdf paper)  

Summer 2008

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Summer 2008
Jun 9                                   Malik Shukayev
Bank of Canada
Staggered Labor Contracts & Monetary Policy (pdf paper)  

Winter 2007-08

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2007
Sep 14 Ashok Kotwal
Economics, UBC
How Does Poverty Decline? Evidence from India, 1983-1999 (pdf paper)  
Sep 21 Andrew Schmitz
Agricultural-Food/Resource Economics, U of Florida
The Pareto and Compensation Principles in Welfare Economics: Law and Applied Cost-Benefit Analysis (pdf paper)  
Sep 28 Henry Siu
Economics, UBC
Fiscal Role of Conscription in the U.S. World War II Effort (pdf paper)  
Oct 12 Duane Rockerbie
Economics, U Lethbridge
Peculiarities of the Major League Baseball Posting System (pdf paper)  
Oct 19 Badi Baltagi
Economics & Center for Policy Research, Syracuse U
(Lansdowne-Sponsored Lecture)
Spatial Panels (pdf background paper)  
Oct 26 Michèle Tertilt
Economics, Stanford U
Women's Liberation: What's in it for Men? (pdf paper)  
Nov 2 Siwan Anderson
Economics, UBC
Missing Women and the Epidemiological Transition  
Nov 9 Lynda Gagné
Public Admin, UVic
The Impact of Workplace Smoking Regulations on the Smoking Behavior of Canadian Workers (pdf draft paper)  
Nov 16 Ed Nosal
Federal Reserve Bank-Cleveland
Some Benefits of Cyclical Monetary Policy (pdf paper)  
Nov 23 Pascal Lavergne
Economics. SFU
(PIMS Lecture)
Efficient Smooth GMM Through Dimension Reduction (pdf paper)  
Nov 30 Muriel Niederle
Economics, Stanford U.
How Costly is Diversity? Affirmative Action in Light of Gender Differences in Competitiveness (pdf paper)  
Dec 18 Brian McCaig
Economics, U. of Toronto
Exporting Out of Poverty: Provincial Poverty in Vietnam and U.S. Market Access (pdf paper)  
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2008
Jan 11 Joel Rodrigue
Economics, Queen's U
Foreign Direct Investment, Exports and Aggregate Productivity (pdf paper)  
Jan 15 Jed Devaro
Economics, Cornell U
The Signaling Role Of Promotions: Further Theory and Empirical Evidence (pdf paper)  
Jan 18 Ben Sand
Economics, UBC
Has There Been a Structural Change in the Labour Market? Evidence from U.S. Cities  
Jan 25 Pascal Courty
Economics, EUI
On the Sorting of Physicians across Medical Specialties: Understanding Shortages and Growth in Specialization (pdf paper)  
Feb 1 Andrey Stoyanov
Economics, UBC
Trade Policy of a Free Trade Agreement in the Presence of Foreign Lobbying (pdf paper)  
Feb 15 Chris Willmore
Economics, UVic
Targeted Advertising of Preventive Medicine in Canada (pdf paper)  
Feb 29 Simon Parker
Economics, U Durham
The Entrepreneur's Mode of Entry: Business Takeover or New Venture Start? (pdf paper)  
Mar 6HSD A240, 7:30 p.m. Simon Parker
Economics, U Durham
(Lansdowne Lecture)
Entrepreneurship Among Women  
Mar 7 Vadim Marmer
Economics, UBC
(PIMS Lecture)
Comparison of Misspecified Calibrated Models: The Minimum Distance Approach (pdf paper)  
Mar 14 Bill Warburton
Child and Youth Development Trajectories Research Unit, UBC
Can Placement of Adolescent Boys in Foster Care Be Harmful? An Analysis of Health, Education, Welfare and Correctional Outcomes (pdf paper - 98 pages!)  
Mar 21 No Seminar (Good Friday)    
Mar 28 Gregor Smith
Economics, Queen's
U.S. Interest Rate History: Lessons from Great Moderations and Professional Forecasters (pdf paper)  
Apr 30, 3:00 p.m., BEC 363 Les Oxley
Economics, U Canterbury
China's Energy Economy: Technical Change, Factor Demand and Interfactor/Interfuel Substitution (pdf paper)  

Summer 2007

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Summer 2007
Aug 2, 3:00 p.m., BEC 363 Thanasis Strengos
Economics, U Guelph
The Effect of Information Technology and Human Capital on Economic Growth  

Winter 2006-07

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2006
Sep 15 Carlos Martins-Filho
Economics, Oregon State U
A Class of Improved Parametrically Guided Nonparametric Regression Estimators (pdf paper)  
Sep 21, 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., MacLaurin D110 Ron Lee
Demography & Economics, U California, Berkeley
(Lansdowne Seminar)
Designing Pay As You Go Pensions for Intergenerational Equity and Fiscal Stability: Performance in a Stochastic Context  
Sep 21, 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., HSD A240 Ron Lee
Demography & Economics, U California, Berkeley
(Lansdowne Public Lecture)
Global Population Aging and its Economic and Demographic Consequences  
Sep 22 Ron Lee
Demography & Economics, U California, Berkeley
(Lansdowne Seminar)
Economics and Evolution: How Net Production and Intergenerational Transfers Shaped the Evolution of the Life Cycle (pdf background paper)  
Sep 29 David Andolfatto
Economics, Simon Fraser U
Jobless Recoveries (pdf paper)  
Oct 6 Jed DeVaro
ILR School, Cornell U
An Empirical Analysis of Risk, Incentives, and the Delegation of Worker Authority (pdf paper)  
Oct 13 Jean-François Wen
Economics, U Calgary
Redistribution and Entrepreneurship With Schumpeterian Growth (pdf paper)  
Oct 20, 2:30 p.m., DSB C113 Herbert Grubel
Economics, SFU
(Joint Business-Economics Seminar)
The Evolution of the Theory of Monetary Integration (pdf paper)  
Nov 3 Berta Esteve-Volart
Economics, York U
Will Gender Parity Break the Glass Ceiling? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment (pdf paper)  
Nov 9, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m., BEC 217 Michael King
Bank of Canada
(Joint Business-Economics Seminar)
The Long-Term Effects of Cross-Listing, Investor Recognition, and Ownership Structure on Valuation (pdf paper)  
Nov 10 Mike McKee
Economics, U Calgary
Managerial Incentives for Compliance with Environmental Information Disclosure Programs (pdf paper)  
Nov 17, 3:30 p.m. Miles Corak
Statistics Canada
Intergenerational Earnings Mobility Among the Children of Canadian Immigrants (pdf paper)  
Nov 24 Francisco Gonzales
Economics, U Calgary
Social Spending as the Choice of the Governing Elite  
Dec 1 David Green
Economics, UBC
Title TBA  
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2007
Jan 12 Aneta Boniskowska
Economics, UBC
Explaining the Education Gap Between Children of Immigrants and the Native Born: Allocation of Human Capital Investments in Immigrant Families (pdf paper)  
Jan 19 Louis-Philippe Morin
Economics, U Toronto
Do College-Bound High School Students Need an Extra Year? Evidence from Ontario's 'Double Cohort' (pdf paper)  
Jan 26 Ron Caldwell
Economics, U Washington
The Effects of Affirmative Action Policies in University Admissions on Human Capital Development of Minority Children: A Test of the Expectations Hypothesis (pdf paper)  
Jan 30, 2:30 p.m. Kerry Papps
Economics, Cornell U
The Effects of Divorce Risk on the Labour Supply of Married Couples (pdf paper)  
Feb 13, 3:00 p.m. Elizabeth Dhuey
Economics, U California, Santa Barbara
Who Benefits from Kindergarten? Evidence from the Introduction of State Subsidization (pdf paper)  
Mar 2 John Knowles
Economics, U Penn
Why Are Married Men Working So Much? (pdf paper)  
Mar 9 Jill Horowitz
Law, U Michigan
Peer Pressure: Hospital Ownership Mix and Service Provision  
Mar 16, 2:30 p.m., DSB C113 Michel Robe
Kogod School of Business, American U
(Joint with Faculty of Business)
Market Growth, Trader Participation and Pricing in Energy Futures Markets (pdf paper)  
Mar 23 Steeve Mongrain
Economics, SFU
Why Do Most Countries Set High Tax Rates on Capital? (pdf paper)  
Mar 30 Mark Wright
Economics, UCLA
Urban Structure and Growth (pdf paper)  

Summer 2006

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Summer 2006
Jun 16 Pascal Courty
Economics, European University Institute
A General Test for Distortions in Performance Measures (pdf paper)  

Winter 2005-06

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2005
Sep 9 Glenn Otto
Economics, U. NSW
The Relationship Between Consumption, Income and Wealth in Australia (pdf paper)  
Sep 30 Michael Maschek
Economics, SFU
Currency Crisis: Evolution of Beliefs, Experiments with Human Subjects and Real World Data (pdf paper)  
Oct 7 Matt Kotchen
Environ. Sci. & Management, U. California, Santa Barbara
Explaining The Appearance and Success of Voter Referenda For Open-Space Conservation (pdf paper)  
Oct 14 Aaron Smith
Ag. & Resource Econ., U. California, Davis
Stochastic Permanent Breaks in Regression Coefficients  
Oct 21 Kevin Milligan
Economics, UBC
Universal Child Care, Maternal Labor Supply and Child Well-Being (pdf paper)  
Oct 28 Case van Kooten
Economics, UVic
Elephant Economics in the Rough (pdf paper)  
Nov 4 Jean de Bettignies
Business, UBC
Financing the Entrepreneurial Venture (pdf paper)  
Nov 10, DSB C126 Martin Gervais
Economics, UWO
Measuring Consumption Smoothing in CEX Data (pdf paper)  
Nov 18 Ian King
Economics, U. Otago
Dynamic Language Policy  
Nov 25, DSB C122 Ming Kang
Economics, UVic
Q-Learning in Unstable Relationships (pdf paper)  
Dec 2 Mark Long
Public Affairs, U. Washington
College Quality and Early Adult Outcomes (pdf paper)  
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2006
Jan 13 Jen Baggs
Business, UVic
Product Market Competition and Agency Costs (pdf paper)  
Jan 20 Param Silvapulle
Econometrics & Bus. Stats., Monash U.
Testing for Non-Stationary Hypotheses Against Local and Global Non-Linear Stationary Alternatives (pdf paper)  
Jan 24 Kevin Leyton-Brown
Computer Sci., UBC
Computation-Friendly Game Representations (pdf background papers: 1 || 2 || 3)  
Feb 3 Mark Thoma
Economics, U. Oregon
Structural Change & Lag Length in VAR Models (pdf paper)  
Feb 10 Lindsay Tedds
Economics, U. Manitoba
Keeping it Off the Books: An Empirical Investigation Into the Characteristics of Firms That Engage in Tax Non-Compliance (pdf draft paper)  
Feb 17 Chris Veld
Business, SFU
Convertible Debt Issues and Convertible Arbitrage - Issue Characteristics, Underpricing and Short Sales (pdf paper)  
Mar 3 Rob Fairlie
Economics, UC Santa Cruz
Liquidity Constraints, Household Wealth, and Entrepreneurship Revisited (pdf paper)  
Mar 13, 7 p.m., DSB C118 Nancy Folbre
Economics, U. Mass., Amherst
(Women Scholars Lecture Series - Public Lecture)
The Political Economy of Care  
Mar 14 Nancy Folbre
Economics, U. Mass., Amherst
(Women Scholars Lecture Series)
The Value of Unpaid Child Care in the US in 2003 (pdf Background papers: 1 || 2)  
Mar 24 Claudia Landeo
Economics, U. Alberta
Split-Awards and Disputes: An Experimental Study of a Strategic Model of Litigation (pdf paper)  
Mar 31 Hervé Moulin
Economics, Rice U.
Impartial Division of a Dollar (pdf paper)  
Apr 7 John Knight
Economics, UWO
Exact Properties of Measures of Optimal Investment for Institutional Investors (pdf paper)  

Summer 2005

Date Speaker Title Remarks
Summer 2005
May 20, 10:30 a.m., BEC 363 Pierre-André Chiappori
Economics, U Chicago, Lansdowne Visitor
The Legalization of Abortion and Women’s Bargaining Power: A Marriage Market Analysis (pdf paper)  
May 20 Pierre-André Chiappori
Economics, U Chicago, Lansdowne Visitor
Matching to Share Risk (pdf paper)  

Winter 2004-05

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2004
Sep 10 Tae-Hwy Lee
Economics, U. California, Riverside
Bagging Binary and Quantile Predictors for Time Series (pdf paper)  
Sep 17 Ian King
Economics, U. Auckland
Coordination Unemployment  
Sep 24 Doug Shaw
Resource Economics, U. Nevada, Reno
Perceived Risks of Nuclear Waste Transportation and Storage  
Oct 4 (3:30 p.m., DSB C124) Julie Berry Cullen
Economics, U. California, San Diego
The Effect of School Choice on Student Outcomes: Evidence From Randomized Lotteries (pdf paper)  
Oct 8 Daan van Soest
CentER, Tilburg U.
CPR Conservation: Higher Fines, or Higher Probabilities of Conviction?  
Oct 15 Arthur Robson
Economics, Simon Fraser U.
A 'Bioeconomic' View of the Neolithic and Recent Demographic Transitions (pdf paper)  
Oct 22 Ramo Gencay
Economics, Simon Fraser U.
Asymmetry of Information Flow Between Volatilities Across Time Scales (pdf paper)  
Oct 29 Shankha Chakraborty
Economics, U. Oregon
Mortality, Human Capital and Persistent Inequality (pdf paper)  
Nov 19 Andrey D. Pavlov
Business, Simon Fraser U.
Financial Risk Theory for a Regulated Insurer  
Nov 26 Chris Worswick
Economics, Carleton U.
Mandatory Retirement Rules and the Retirement Decisions of University Professors in Canada
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2005
Jan 26, 12:30 p.m. Martin Farnham
Economics, UVic
State Fiscal Institutions and Empty-Nest Migration: Are Tiebout Voters Hobbled?  
Jan 28 Kailing Shen
Economics, UBC
How Were Canadian Labour Market Transitions Affected by the 1996 Employment Insurance Reform?  
Feb 1, 2:30 p.m. Geoffrey Dunbar
Economics, Queens' U.
Banking on Collateral: Wealth Distribution, Welfare and the Risk-Free Rate With Collaterlaised Lending  
Feb 2, 12:30 p.m. Umot Oguzoglu
Economics, U. Guelph
Empirical Likelihood Estimation of Dynamic Panel Data Models With Fixed Effects  
Feb 4 Ryan Compton
Economics, Washington U. St. Louis
On the Evolution of Financial Development & Economic Growth  
Feb 9, 12:30 p.m. Michael Coelli
Economics, UBC
Parental Income Shocks and the Education Attendance of Youth  
Feb 25 Shelley Lundberg
Economics, U. Washington
The Division of Labor in Exigency: The Work Hours of New Parents  
Mar 4 (Transferred from Brownbag Seminar series) Helen Hui
Economics, UVic
Equivalence Scales for South Africa : A Fuzzy Bayesian Analysis  
Mar 18 Thomas Hellmann
Business, UBC
Bridging the Science to Market Gap: Academic Entrepreneurs and the Role of Patents (pdf paper)  
Mar 24, 11:00 a.m. (BEC 363) Dale Mortensen, Lansdowne Visitor
Economics, NorthWestern
An Empirical Model of Growth Through Product Innovation (pdf paper)  
Mar 24, 3:30 p.m. (Hickman, 110) Dale Mortensen, Lansdowne Visitor
Economics, NorthWestern
Growth, Unemployment and Labor Market Policy (pdf paper)  
Apr 1 Engelbert Dockner
Economics, U. Vienna
Private Investment of a Public Good? A Multi-Period Analysis (pdf paper)  
Apr 8 (Transferred from Brownbag Seminar series) Paul Schure
Economics, UVic
A Theory of Loan Syndication (pdf paper)  
Apr 15 (Transferred from Brownbag Seminar series) Alok Kumar
Economics, UVic
Taxes, Labor Market Institutions, and the Dispersion of Wages  
Apr 29 Ross McKittrick
Economics, U Guelph
Stationarity of Global Per Capita Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Implications for Global Warming Scenarios  

Winter 2023-24

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2023
Sep 13 Malcolm Rutherford Racism, Segregation, Acceptance: The American Economics Profession and Black Studies, 1890-2022 (paper)
Sep 20 Justin Wiltshire Monopsony and Minimum Wages
Sep 27 No Brown Bag This Week No Brown Bag This Week
Oct 4 Abubakr Ayesh Mass Involuntary Migration and Educational Attainment 
Oct 11 Bo Liu

Does Speed Bump Resolve the Problems of Mini Flash Crashes? Evidence from NYSE American

Oct 18 No Brown Bag This Week No Brown Bag This Week
Oct 25 Sara Wray Enns

Does Destroying Wildlife Reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict? Evidence from Black Bears in BC

Nov 1 Cain Polidano Historical Frontier Violence in Australia : Drivers and Legacy
Nov 8 Herb Schuetze Firm Characteristics and Immigrant Wage Outcomes in Canada
Nov 15 Reading Break Reading Break
Nov 22 Nikolas Kuschnig Shrinkage in Space - Spillovers and Networks in a Hierarchical Model
Nov 29 Pascal Courty Are EPL Teams Paid Like Bureaucrats? An Incentive Analysis of Monetary Match Importance
Dec 6 Rebecca Wortzman

Big River Alanytics: Leveraging Statistical and Analytical Capacity to Benefit Indigenous Peoples

Dec 20 Zoey Verdun

Health Risk Realization Versus Warning: Impact on Lifestyle Behaviours

Second Term, Jan-Apr 2024
Jan 10 Bo Liu Does Speed Bump Resolve the Problems of Mini Flash Crashes? Evidence from NYSE American
Jan 17 No Brown Bag This Week No Brown Bag This Week
Jan 24 Honours Students: Bank of Canada Team Governor's Challenge Presentation
Jan 31 Paul Schure Fiscal Solidarity in the Eurozone: Evidence from an Expert Survey
Feb 07 Various Faculty Showcase of Faculty Research Interests
Feb 14 No Brown Bag This week
Feb 21 Reading Break Reading Break
Feb 28 Abubakr Ayesh TBD
Mar 6 Jill Horwitz TBD
Mar 13 Felix Pretis TBD
Mar 20 Martin Farnham TBD
Mar 27 Jason Hicks The Origins and Evolution of Occupational Licensing in the United States

Winter 2022-23

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2022
Sep 14 Ross Hickey Charitable giving through intermediaries
Sep 21 TBD
Sep 28 Paul Schure & Lijun Zhang Doing the Readings: Does it Deliver?
Oct 5 Ke Xu Speed bump and stock market quality: evidence from NYSE American
Oct 12 Donn Feir Early Findings from the DIA Statistical Tables Digitization Project
Oct 19 Pascal Courty Sport injury and game stakes: Evidence from the National Football League
Oct 26 Eric Chi Bilateralism vs Multilateralism: Role of Political Economy for the Prospect of Global Free Trade
Nov 2 Felix Pretis Discovering What Mattered: Answering Reverse Causal Questions by Detecting Unknown Treatment Assignment and Timing as Breaks in Panel Models
Nov 9 Tao Wang SPLVC Modal Regression with Error-Prone Linear Covariate
Nov 16 Abubakr Ayesh Mass Involuntary Migration and Educational Attainment
Nov 23 Donn Feir Property and Mortgage Markets in Indigenous America: Towards an Understanding
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2023
Jan 25 Eric Chi Practice Teaching Seminar for JM Flyout
Feb 1 Colette Salemi Does perceived labor market competition increase prejudice between refugees and hosts?
Feb 8 Matt Krzepkowski & Jonah Glass (Ministry of Finance) Developing Policy Through Research and Analysis at the BC Ministry of Finance
Feb 22 No Seminar, Reading Break
Mar 1

Honours Program Information Session 

Mar 8 Yan Li

Government Subsidy and Artistic Innovation: Evidence from State-Owned Performing Arts Troupes in China.

Mar 15 Felix Pretis Forecasting Emissions and the Economy: An Overview of the Empirical Aggregate Macroeconomic Model
Mar 29 Eric Chi Teaching Seminar: Crowdmark Assessments

Winter 2021-22

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2021
Oct 6  Ken Stewart  “The simple macroeconometrics of the quantity theory and the welfare cost of inflation.” (paper)
Oct 20 Virtual D Feir The Determinants and Impacts of Historical Treaty-Making in Canada
Oct 27 Felix Pretis What Reduces Road CO2 Emissions? Reverse Causal Modelling and Policy Attribution using Break Detection
Nov 3 Rich Martin "Endowment Effect"
Nov 10 Reading Break no seminar

Nov 17


Merwan Engineer

“Investment and Policy Tipping Points in Anticipation of Climate Change: A Game-Theoretic Framework for Exploring the Political Economy of Climate Change”

Nov 24


Rob Gillezeau Law Enforcement Officer's Bills of Rights & Police Violence

Dec 1


Kevin Andrew

A Provincial and Sectoral Analysis of Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Second Term, Jan-Apr 2022

Mar 9

Deptl Seminar

Janelle Mann - University of Manitoba Relationships and Dynamics between Ethanol and Gasoline Prices in Brazil

Mar 16


Taylor Wright - Univerity of Ottawa

Policing for whom? Officer-involved shootings and police legitimacy in Chicago


Mar 23 TBA TBA
Mar 30 Faculty MA Supervision Presentation.

Winter 2020-21

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2020

Sep 30

Deptl seminar

Tony Cookson (University of Colorado at Boulder) Echo Chambers
Oct 7 Bo Liu Speed Bump and stock market quality: evidence from NYSE American
Oct 14 Pascal Courty

Some Economics of Movie Exhibition: Increasing Returns and Imax Revenue Premium

Oct 21 Donna Feir Indigenous nations and American Economics: The Deeper Roots of Poverty and Prosperity

Oct 28

Deptl seminar

Anders Bredahl Kock (University of Oxford) Functional Sequential Treatment Allocation
Nov 4 Felix Pretis Testing for Coefficient Distortion due to Outliers in Regression Models
Nov 11 No seminar Remembrance Day
Nov 18 Rob Gillezeau Do Taxes on Non-Resident Purchasers Lower Housing Prices? Evidence from British Columbia
Nov 25 Ke Xu Fractional Cointegration in Bitcoin Spot and Futures Markets
Dec 2 Kevin Andrew R&D Spillovers: The Importance of Heterogeneity and Uncertainty
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2021
Jan 27 Donna Feir The Promise of Economic Integration: Evidence from the First Bank in a First Nation

Feb 3

Deptl seminar

David Pothier (University of Vienna, visiting UVic) The Effect of Transparency on Bank Monitoring and Leverage (with Philipp Koenig and Christian Laux)
Feb 10 Bo Liu Speed bump and stock market quality: evidence from NYSE American
Feb 17 No seminar Reading Break
Feb 24 Alok Kumar Government Spending and Macro-Economic Outcomes in India
Mar 3 Faculty MA Supervision Presentation
Mar 10 Kevin Andrew Measuring the Green Policy Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mar 17 Maggie Jones A Vaccination Scar

Apr 7

Farouk Abdul-Salam (SFU) "Evidencing Forex Illusion under Currency Redenomination : Time Series and Experimental Approaches"

Winter 2019-20

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2019
Sep 18 Kevin Andrew - UVic

"The Relationship Between Productivity and R&D: Uncertainty and Heterogeneity" (paper)

Sep 25 Ke Xu - UVic

"Electronic Market Makers: Curse or Blessing?"

Oct 16 Ian King "Redistributive Policies and the Macroeconomy"
Oct 23 Seminar cancelled.
Oct 30 Maggie Jones - UVic

"Competition and Discrimination in Public Accommodations: Evidence from the Green Books"

Nov 20 Mikhael Voyloshnikov, ISA, RSA, CIMarE, Dr. Sc. 

"The Approaches and the Recommendations for Finding of Premium for Control and Amendments to the Value of the Equity Shares of Business and the Stocks" (paper)

Nov 27 Ministry of Education

Representatives will discuss jobs available in the Economics Education unit, and upcoming data in the RDC.

Dec 4 Rob Gillezeau - UVic

"Bargaining Rights, Policing, and Civilian Deaths" (co-authors: Jamein Cunningham and Donna Feir)

Second Term, Jan-Apr 2020
Jan 8 Knick Harley - UVic "Trade from the Voyages of Discovery to the First World War"
Jan 22 Leila Salarpour - UVic "Mahr: A Prenuptial Agreement in Islamic Marriage Contracts and its Impact on Divorce Outcomes"
Jan 29 Big River Analytics "Overview of Student and Recent Grad Opportunities"
Feb 5 Martin Monkman - Provincial Statistician & Director, BC Stats "BC Stats: Statistical Information for Policy & Operational Decisions"
Feb 12 Dirk Gerritsen - Utrecht University/UVic "Stock Returns and Revisions of ESG Scores"
Feb 26 No Brown Bag
Mar 4 Ke Xu - UVic "Fractional Cointegration and RMB Onshore-Offshore Market Integration"
Mar 11 Pascal Courty - UVic "Why do Workers Disagree about Licensing Standards? Evidence from the European Union"
Mar 18 Cancelled

Summer 2019

Date Speaker Title
Summer 2019
June 12 Jarone Gittens (Queen's)

"The Impact of Carbon Taxes on Market Structure: Evidence from British Columbia's Retail Gasoline Industry" (paper)

July 17

*Altered time: 12:00-12:50pm

Andrew Whinston (University of Texas at Austin)

"Analyzing Cryptocurrencies"

July 24 Kelly Foley (USASK)

“High School Math and Post-Secondary Schooling in Canada: What Can We Learn from Interprovincial Comparisons?”

Winter 2018-19

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2018
Sep 5 Sheila Dow

"Monetary Reform, Central Banks and Digital Currencies" (paper)

Sep 12 Elisabeth Gugl

"The Rotten Kid Theorem and Almost Transferable Utility"

Sep 19 Felix Pretis "Local Emissions Affect Local Climate: Attribution, Impacts and Policy"
Sep 26 Faculty Member Panel Discuss Supervision Interests
Oct 3 This slot is reserved for a Departmental Seminar with Dr. Jorge Cruz Lopez (go to the 'Dept Seminar Series' tab above for more info)
Oct 10 Maggie Jones "Inequalities in Test Scores Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth in Canada"
Oct 17 No meeting
Oct 24 No meeting
Oct 31 No meeting
Nov 7 No meeting
Nov 14 Reading Break (no meeting)
Nov 21 Ke Xu "Stock Market Integration and Market Liquidity: Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program"
Nov 28 Ian King "Secret Search"
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2019
Jan 9 No meeting
Jan 16 Kevin Andrew "Selection, Firm Growth and the Decline in the Startup Rate"
Jan 23 No meeting
Jan 30 Maxwell Tuuli "Intra-firm Trade in the Presence of Uncertainty" (paper)
Feb 6 Maggie Jones "The Green Books and the Geography of Racial Discrimination"

Feb 13

Nick Harley "The Industrial Revolution in General Equilibrium"
Feb 20 Reading Break (no meeting)
Feb 27 Felix Pretis 'Does a Carbon Tax Reduce CO2 Emissions? Evidence from British Columbia' (paper)
Mar 6 Marco Cozzi "Has the Canadian Public Debt Been Too High?" (paper)

Mar 12

(One of TWO Brown Bags this week)

*Altered day and time: Tuesday, 2:30-3:20, BEC 363

Christine Voggenreiter "Economic Analysis, Information Analytics and Career Opportunities in the BC Ministry of Health"

Mar 13

(Second Brown Bag this week. Regular time and location)

Jason Allen "Resolving Failed Banks: Uncertainty, Multiple Bidding and Auction Design"
Mar 20 Craig Johnston "Global Carbon Mitigation Potential of Harvested Wood Products under IPCC Shared Socioeconomic Pathways" (paper)
Mar 27 Alok Kumar "Financial Frictions, Foreign Aid and Aggregate Fluctuations in a LDC"
Apr 3 Pascal Courty "Is Store Expensiveness Consumer-Specific? A New Decomposition of Price Dispersion" (paper)

Summer 2018

Date Speaker Title
Summer 2018
May 9 Richard Brown "Methodological Challenges in Economic Valuation of National Parks"

May 23

*Altered time: 12-1:20

Boyd Hunter "Some Reflections on Economics and Indigenous Peoples"

June 14 

*Altered day: Thursday

Siddharth Shirodkar "Where are all the Indigenous Entrepreneurs?"

July 4

Max Chaban "Consumption of Traded Goods and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics with Epstein-Zin Preferences" (paper)

July 5

*Altered day: Thursday (two Brown Bags this week!)

Wessel Vermeulen "The Imperial Roots of Global Trade" (paper)

July 25

*Altered time: 2-2:50

*Altered location: DSB C126

Kurt Niquidet "Exploring Macroeconomic and Commodity Price Linkages with a GVAR"

Winter 2017-18

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2017
Sep 13 Saara Vaahtoniemi

"Finance Sector Wages and Human Capital: Finnish Evidence"

Sep 20 Harry Paarsch

Brown bag seminar replaced with Dr. Harry Paarsch's information session (same room and time) (attachment)

Sep 27 Ian King

"Job Qualities, Search Unemployment, and Public Policy" (attachment)

Oct 4 No Seminar

Brown bag seminar replaced with Munir Sheikh's evening lecture (see Dept seminar series)

Oct 11 Ivy Zhang

"Cultural Consumption in Chinese Major Cities"

Oct 18 Marco Cozzi

"Optimal Capital Taxation with Incomplete Markets and Schumpeterian Growth"

Oct 25 Paul Schure "Hide and Seek Search: Why Angels Hide and Entrepreneurs Seek"
Nov 1 Pascal Courty "Ticket Resale, Bots, and the Fair Price Ticketing Curse" (paper)
Nov 8 Donna Feir "Status First Nations and General Mortality in Canada: From 1972 to 2013" (w/ Randall Akee)
Nov 15 Reading Break (No meeting) 
Nov 22 Ke Xu "It Is Not All About Speed"
Nov 29 No Seminar Brown bag seminar replaced with Tues, Nov 28 Dept seminar
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2018
Jan 10 Alok Kumar "Redistributive Effects of Inflation, Output, Unemployment and the Labour Force Participation"
Jan 17 Michael King (Co-Director, Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab & Ivey Business School, Western University) "FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain"
Jan 24 No Seminar
Jan 31 No Seminar
Feb 7 No Seminar
Feb 14 No Seminar
Feb 28 Ken Stewart "Suits' Watermelon Model: The Missing Simultaneous Equations Empirical Application" (paper)
Mar 7 No Seminar
Mar 14 Donna Feir "Illuminating Economic Development in Indigenous Communities" (paper)
Mar 21 Edward Parson "Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fuels: California's (and Canada's) Low-Carbon Fuel Standards"
Mar 28 Seminar cancelled due to illness
Apr 4 Nicholas Hincks "Economic Forecasting and Analysis at the BC Ministry of Finance"
Apr 11 Injamam Alam "Structural Change and Voting Behaviour: The Case of the American Dust Bowl"

Winter 2016-17

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2016
Sep 14 Merwan Engineer & Paul Schure

"Hide and Seek Search: Why Angels Hide and Entrepreneurs Seek" (paper)

Sep 28 Tony Leiman (University of Cape Town)

"Competition, Collusion and Sustainable Rents in a Mature Marine Fishery".

Oct 5 Faculty Member Panel "Research & Supervising Interests"
Oct 19 Omar Saleh (UVic, PhD Student) "The Dynamic Implications of Foreign Aid and its Volatility on Human Capital Investment in Kenya: A DSGE-RBC Approach"
Oct 26 Pascal Courty "The Value of Online Scarcity Signals".  (paper)
Nov 2 Timea Laura Molnar (UBC, PhD student)

"How Do Mothers Manage? Universal Daycare, Child Skill Formation, and the "Parental Time-Education Puzzle"

Nov 9 Reading Break, No Seminar
Nov 16 Stuart Snaith (UVic,Peter B.  Gustavson School of Business

 "Forecasting Exchange Rates: The Role of Macroeconomic Variables and Technical Indicators"

Nov 23 Fatemeh Mokhtarzadeh "Coordinating Expectations through Central Bank Projections"
Nov 30 Rob Gillezeau "Don't Shoot!  The Impact of Historical African American Protest on Police Killings of Civilians"
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2017
Feb 22 Juha Kilponen (Bank of Finland)

“Secular Stagnation in Small Open Economy: Causes and Policy Solutions through the lens of the DSGE model”

Mar 1 No Seminar

No Brown Bag Seminar this week. Please join us for our public Lansdowne Lecture by Jon Conrad, tonight at 7:00pm, DTB A104

Mar 8 Donna Feir "The Slaughter of the North American Bison, Treaty Making and Reversal of Fortunes on the Great Plains."
Mar 15 David Giles "The Econometrics of Temporal Aggregation: Overview and Research Directions"

Mar 22

Elisabeth Gugl "Log Modularity in Production and Tax Efficiency" (paper)
Mar 29 David Giles "Bayesian Extreme Value Analysis of Risk, With an Application to Foreign Exchange Markets"

Winter 2015-16

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2015
Sept 16 Donna Feir "Canada's Missing Women: The Case of First Nations Women"
Sept 23 Sheila Dow "The Political Economy of Monetary Reform: Ideas in Canada in the 1930's" (paper)
Sept 30 Paul Schure "A Case Against the Tragedy of Open Access:Mobile Pastoralists in the Logone Floodplain of Cameroon".
Oct 7 Faculty Member Panel Discuss Supervision Interests
Oct 14 Carl Mosk "Capitalism and Religion (I): The Rise and Spread of Merchant Capitalism" (paper)
Oct 21 Carl Mosk

"Capitalism and Religion (II): Technological Capitalism and the Dynamics of Modern Capitalism"

Nov 4 Jens Weiß

“How Rational is Strategy? Strategic Management in German Municipalities”. (paper)

Nov 11 Reading Break, No seminar this week
Nov 18 Daniel Shack

What do Parents Know and When do they Know it: How Learning Matters for Parents Dynamic Education Choices."

Nov 25 Sinan Ozel "Scarcity, Opacity and Persuasion:  An Application to Online Travel Booking".
Dec 2 Marco Cozzi "Social Security Reforms: a simple Bayesian Quantitative Analysis".
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2016
Jan 13 No Seminar This Week
Jan 20 Martin Farnham & Elisabeth Gugl "Teachers' Strikes and Student Outcomes".
Jan 27 Ian King "Infant Mortality and the Distribution of Income"
Feb 3 No Seminar This Week
Feb 10 No Seminar This Week Reading Break
Feb 17 Charlie Bull "How Robust is Cason-Plott's theory of Game Form Misconception?"
Feb 24 Sinan Ozel "Intimate Partner Violence, Mandatory Arrest and Mortality"
Mar 2 Jen Baggs "The Labour Market Outcomes of Multicultural Employees"
Mar 9 No Seminar This Week "Conflict with Honours Students' Workshop"
Mar 16 Donna Feir

"Collective History, Identity and Education:  Lessons on Teaching about Residential Schools"

Mar 23 Rob Gillezeau "Labour Law Enforcement During World War II and the Growth of the US Trade Union"
Mar 30 Alok Kumar "Risks and Parental Investment in the Human Capital of Children".

Winter 2014-15

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2014
Sept 10 Lindsay Tedds "Policy Determinants of Birth Seasonality in Canada"  
Sept 17 Carl Mosk "Liberal Nationalism, Religious Nationalism and the Human Development Index"
Sept 24 Craig Johnston

"Bioenergy Exports from Forests:  Unintended Trade Repercussions"

Oct 1 Victor Huang "Estimation and Inference for the Partially Linear Threshold Regression Model"
Oct 8 Chris Hoffman/Kayleigh Donahue "2 Co-op Work Term Presentations"
Oct 15 Faculty Member Panel "Research & Supervising Interests"
Oct 29 Kees van Kooten "Log Exports"
Nov 5 Alok Kumar

"Old-Age Income Support, Gender Differentials in Human Capital Investment of Children, and Efficiency"

Nov 12 No seminar - Reading Break
Nov 19 Ken Stewart "Factor Substitution and Factor Augmenting. Technical Progress in Canada: A Normalized Supply-side System Approach" (paper)
Nov 26 Sheila Dow "100% Reserve Banking"
Dec 3 Chris Auld   “Long Run Effects of Residential Schooling on Height and Body Weight
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2015
Jan 7 Jeffery Cisyk  

“Do Fans Care about Compliance to Doping Regulations in Sports? The Impact of PED Suspension in Baseball.”  (paper)

Jan 14 Carl Mosk (paper) "Refugees and Religion:  The Anatomy of Religion Traps" (paper)
Jan 21 John Lutz “Modern, Traditional or Moditional? An Historian on the Interplay between Capitalist and Aboriginal Economies.”
Jan 28 Elisabeth Gugl

“The Efficiency and Distributional Impacts of Individual vs Joint Taxation in a Dynamic Bargaining Model with Renegotiation”

Feb 4 No Seminar this week
Feb 11 No Seminar - Reading Break
Feb 18 Mélissa Gauthier (Anthropology)

"Free Trade? Fayuca! The cross-border trade of used clothing along the Mexico-U.S. Border"

Feb 25 Bill Warburton "Using Propensity Scores to estimate the impact of switching from Antidepressants to Second-Generation Antipsychotics on the Risk of Diabetes and Mortality in Adults."
Mar 4 Ekaterina Rhodes "In Climate Policy, can Public Ignorance be Bliss?"
Mar 11 Geoffrey Kron "The Slaver's Mentality:  Dependent Labour and American Capitalism from Slavery through Jim Crow, the Rust Belt Strategy, and Neo-liberal Colonialism."
Mar 18 Helen Song "Business Cycles and Health:  Evidence from Canada."
Mar 25 No Seminar this Week
Apr 1 Donna Feir

“Identity and History: An Experimental Analysis.”  

Winter 2013-14

Date Speaker Title Remarks
First Term, Sep-Dec 2013
Sept 11 David Giles "Rockets and Feathers"  
Sept 18

(i) Craig Johnston (ii) Alex Oswald (iii) Shuo Sun
(Grad Co-op presentations

"Co-op Work Term Reports - an overview of their Summer 2013 co-op terms"  
Sept 24 Kim Kaivanto, University of Lancaster "Application of Correlated Equilibrium to Explain Lottery Allocation of Fishing Sites"  Note: Date - Tues, Sept 24; Time - 10:30am
Oct 2 Kees van Kooten, UVic Economics "Shedding Light on Darkwoods"  
Oct 9 Jonathon Wood, UVic Economics "Immigrant Networks, Occupational Choice, and Match Quality"  
Oct 16 Knick Harley, University of Oxford, Economics "European and British Industrialization"  
Oct 23 Merwan Engineer & Pascal Courty, UVic Economics "Happiness, Status and the Rat Race: The Pursuit of Happiness and Efficiency"  
Oct 30 Jeanne Tschopp, UBC, Economics "Wage Bargaining as a Social Interaction Problem: Application to Germany"  
Nov 6 Alan Mehlenbacher, UVic Economics "CGE for BC using SAM"  
Nov 13 Reading Break - No Seminar    
Nov 20 Beryl Li, PhD Student, UVic Economics "Canadian and U.S. Multifactor Productivity in Manufacturing: Short and Long Run Relationships"  
Nov 27 Lori Timmins, UBC, Economics "How Do General Hospitals Respond to Financial Pain: Evidence from Hospital Markets in  Texas"  
Dec 4 Richard Martin, Adjunct, UVic Economics "Rent Seeking Consumption"  
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2014
Jan 8 Carl Mosk, UVic Economics "Miracle Growth in Japan: Its Crucial Significance for the Economics and Geopolitics of the Cold War" (Paper)
Jan 15 Alok Kumar, UVic Economics "Foreign Aid, Incentives and Efficiency:  Can Foreign Aid Lead to Efficient Level of Investment"  
Jan 22 Tony Leiman 
University of Cape Town, Economics
"Regulatory Efficacy in a Changing Political Environment:  A Tale of Two South African Fisheries"  
Jan 29 Craig Johnston (UVic Ph.D. Student) "Modelling Forest Products:  Regional and Global Issues"  
Feb 5 Alisha Chicoine & Devon Friesen (MA Co-op Students) "Graduate Co-op Work Term Experiences"  
Feb 12 Reading Break - No Seminar    
Feb 19 Sheila Dow & Alistair Dow, Adjuncts, UVic Economics "Coase, the Firm and Dundee"  
Feb 26 Zach Xu, PhD Student, UVic Geography "Climate Change and Wildfire Prediction using Count Models?"  
Mar 5

Kathy Baylis, University of  Illinois

"What works to Conserve Forest: Mandates, Management or Money?"
Mar 12 Don Fullerton,  University of Illinois "What Drives Forest Leakage?"  
Mar 19 Kees van Kooten, UVic Economics "Do efforts to decouple farm programs violate WTO rules?"  
Mar 26 Po-Hsin Tseng, Ph.D Student, UVic Economics "The Spillover Effects of Capital Controls."  
Apr 2 Graham Voss, UVic, Economics "Explicit and Implicit Inflation Targets."  
Apr 9 Donna Feir, UVic, Economics "The Intergenerational Legacy of Residential Schooling"

Summer 2013

Date Speaker Title
Summer 2013
May 1 Dan Vo, PhD Student, UVic, Economics "Angels and venture caplitalists: Complements or substitutes?"
May 8 Judith Clarke, UVic, Economics "Inequality in BMI of Bangladeshi women: an application of variance estimation for the Gini coefficient with complex surveys"
May 15 Paul Schure, UVic, Economics "When the powerful drag their feet"
May 22 Dan Vo, PhD Student, UVic, Economics "The Return to Angel Capital in British Columbia"
May 29 Daniel Rondeau, UVic, Economics "Experimental Evaluation of Alternative First Price Auction Rules for the Simultaneous Allocation of Bundled Timber Rights when Competitors Can Bid Jointly"
June 12 Carl Mosk, UVic, Economics "Contested Identities: Secularism and Economic Development in the Contemporary World"

Winter 2012-13

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2012
Sep 12
UVic, Economics
"On the inconsistency of instrumental variables estimators for the coefficients of certain dummy variables"
Sep 19
PhD Student, UVic, Economics
“A novel approach to estimating forest carbon pool dynamics under carbon sequestration”
Sep 26
University of New South Wales
"Trade compositions, knowledge input–output linkages and long-run growth"
Oct 3
PhD Student, UVic Economics
“The history and operation of Alberta’s deregulated electric system”
Oct 10
UVic, Economics
“Efficiency of family bargaining models with renegotiation: The role of intertemporally transferable utility”  
Oct 17
PhD Student, UVic, Economics
“Wind versus nuclear options for generating electricity in a carbon constrained world” 
Oct 24
PhD Student, UVic, Economics
“Straightforward variance estimation for the Gini coefficient with stratified and cluster survey data"
Oct 31
PhD Student, UVic, Economics
“Speculative investment in farmland”
Nov 7
B.C. Ministry of Finance
"Economic forecasting and analysis at the BC Ministry of Finance"
Nov 21
UVic, Economics
“National and provincial inflation in Canada:
Experiences under inflation targeting”
Nov 28
PhD Student, UVic, Economics
"Determinants of winter wheat planting"
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2013
Jan 9
UVic, Economics
“The intrafamily distributional impact of joint vs. individual taxation when spouses use separate accounts"
Jan 16
UVic, Business
"Exchange rate movements and firm dynamics in Canadian retail industries"
Jan 23
PhD Student, UVic, Economics
"The causal impact of domestic work on human capital investment: the Egyptian case"
Jan 30 "Rent seeking consumption"
Feb 6
UVic, Business
"Sport and economics: Exploring research synergy"
Feb 13 Sheila Dow
Adjunct Professor, UVic Economics
"Uncertainty denial"
Feb 27 Alistair Dow
Adjunct Professor, UVic Economics
"Economic history and economic theory: The staples approach to economic development"
Mar 27
PhD Student, UVic, Economics
"A new type of non-global regression modelling: The partially linear threshold regression model"
Apr 3
PhD Student, UVic, Economics
"Is East Asia suitable to form a currency union?"
Apr 10 David Scoones
UVic, Economics
"Free Seminar. What have you got to lose?"
Apr 24 G. Cornelis van Kooten
UVic, Economics
"Climate Change Economics"

Winter 2011-12

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2011
Oct 12
UVic, Economics
"Toward Endogenizing Search Cost: Why Angels Are Hard to Find"
Oct 26
Fukuoka University
"Impacts of multivariate GARCH innovations on hypothesis testing for cointegrating vectors" More info... (pdf paper)
Nov 16
UVic, Economics
"The Pricing of Art and the Art of Pricing: Pricing Styles in the Concert Industry" (pdf paper)
Mon Nov 21 Anke Kessler
SFU, Economics
"Ideologues: explaining partisanship and persistence in politics"
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2012
Jan 18
Uvic, Economics
"Why the Prince Consort was Right: Nationalism, Economic Development and Violence, 1800-2000." (pdf paper)
Feb 22 John Sim
Uvic, BSc Economics Honours
"The impact of the Canada Research Chair program on faculty compensation: What is the cost of retaining and attracting exceptional talents?" (pdf paper)
Mar 14
Uvic, Economics
"Exact Asymptotic Goodness-of-Fit Testing For Discrete Circular Data, With Applications".(pdf paper)
Mar 21
Uvic, Economics
"Misconceptions about Transferable Utility"
Apr 4 Martina Lui
Uvic, Phd Student
"Can Trade Sanctions Encourage Compliance with an International Environmental Agreement?"

Winter 2010-11

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2010
Sep 8
UVic, Economics
“Maximizing Human Development” (pdf paper)
Sep 15
UVic, Economics &

UVic, Economics
"Toward endogenizing search costs: why angels are hard to find."
Sep 29   Natural Resources Canada Recruitment Session for Econ Graduate Students only
Oct 6
UVic, Economics
"Sales and Consumer Demand for Storable Goods" (pdf paper)
Oct 13 Knick Harley
University of Oxford, Economics
"Globalization and the Frontier: 1870-1930: the Canadian Prairies" (pdf Abstract)
Oct 20
UVic, Economics
"Inflation, Redistribution, and Real Activities"
Oct 27 Kevin Telmer
"Where does gold come from and why the markets are beginning to care: Diversification of the global gold supply chain and potential reforms in the world gold market" (pdf Abstract)
Nov 3
UVic, Economics
"The Rotten Kid Theorem and Almost Transferable Utility"
Nov 17 Javad Nasiry
UST, Hong Kong
"Advance selling when consumers regret"
(pdf paper)
Nov 24
UVic, Economics
"The American System of Manufactures: Factor Biased Technilogical Change or the Democratiztion of Invention?" (pdf paper)
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2011
Jan 19 Cecilia Benoit
UVic, Sociology
"Health inequities among youth: the long arm of childhood"
Jan 26
Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bangalore
"Age Structure Transition in India's Population: Select Macro-economic Implications"
Feb 2
UVic, Economics
"Field, Undercover, and Participant Observers in US Labor Economics, 1900-1930" (pdf paper)
Feb 9 Kathy Baylis
University of Illinois
"Bridging versus bonding social capital and the management of the firewood commons"
Feb 16 Clay Holroyd
UVic, Psychology
"Neural Mechanisms of Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making"
Mar 2
UVic, Economics
"Climate Change Impacts on Waterfowl Habitat in Western Canada"
Mar 9 Naomi Pope "Open Data in Government"
Mar 16
UVic, Economics
"Minimum pricing of alcohol: Theory and evidence."
Mar 23
UVic, Economics
"Dummies for Dummies"
Apr 6 Ryan Webb
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Economics
Queen’s University
"Towards a Neural Measure of Value and Modelling Stochastic Choice in Strategic Games"

Winter 2009-10

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2009
Sep 9
Economics, U Melbourne
Using Grid Distributions to Test for Affiliation in Models of First-Price Auctions With Private Values
Sep 16
Economics, UVic
Share the Gain, Share the Pain? Almost Transferable Utility, Changes in Production Possibilities, and Bargaining Solutions
Sep 23
Economics, UVic
The USDA Graduate School: Government Training in Statistics and Economics, 1921-1945
Sep 30
Economics, UVic
Modeling Insurgents
Oct 7
Economics, UVic
The Lifecycle Increase in Self-Employment
Oct 14
Economics, UVic
Treating Cross-dependence in Event Studies: The Canadian Income Trust Leak
Oct 21
Economics, UVic
Oct 28
Economics, UVic
Two Perspectives on Multiskilling
Nov 4
Economics, UVic
Clean Energy Subsidies
Nov 18
Economics, UVic
Statistical Inference for Inequality Measures Using Complex Surveys: Theory and Application - Part I
Nov 25
Economics, UVic
Statistical Inference for Inequality Measures Using Complex Surveys: Theory and Application - Part II
Dec 2
Economics, UVic
Inflation Targeting
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2010
Feb 3
Economics, UVic
Sales, Quantity Surcharges, and Consumer Inattention
Feb 24
Economics, UVic
Nationalism and Development
Mar 3
Economics, UVic
A Positive Analysis of Deposit Insurance Provision: Regulatory Competition Among European Union Countries
Mar 10 Erik Aerts
Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven
No Public Exchange Banks in Flanders and Branbant (1400-1800): An Explanation of the Absence of Public Banks in the Southern Low Countries. (Offered jointly as dept seminar/brown bag seminar )

Co-sponsored by the Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam.

Mar 17
Economics, UVic
Equilibrium Climate Change Policy: Abatement vs. Adaptation and the Prospects for International Cooperation
Mar 24
Economics, UVic
Equilibrium Dynamics for a Global Pollutant
Mar 31
Business, UVic
Plant Scale and Exchange-Rate-Induced Productivity Growth
Apr 7
Geography, UVic
Apr 14
Geography, UVic
Wind Energy Economics
Apr 21
Economics, UVic
How Do parents Share Childcare, and Does It Matter?
Apr 28
Economics, UVic
Bias-Adjusted Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Doubly-Truncated Poisson Model

Winter 2008-09

Date Speaker Title
First Term, Sep-Dec 2008
Sep 17 David Giles
Economics, UVic
Bias Corrections for Maximum Likelihood Estimators: Illustrations, and New Results
Oct 15 - ECS 125 Martin Barnes
BCA Research
The Financial Crisis and the Macroeconomy
Oct 22 Alok Kumar
Economics, UVic
Monetary Policy, Production, and Distribution
Nov 19 Enrico Moretti
Economics, UC Berkeley
Second Term, Jan-Apr 2009
Feb 6 Tracy Stobbe
Economics, UVic
Hobby Farmers and the Protection of Farmland in the Urban Fringe (pdf paper)
Mar 12 David Scoones
Economics, UVic
Unconditional Parole
Apr 9 Kirsten Zickfeld
Earth & Ocean Sciences, UVic
Emission Pathways Avoiding Dangerous Anthropogenic Interference With the Climate System (pdf abstract, background paper #1, background paper #2)

IESG seminars are held from 12:00-1:00pm (3:00-4:00pm EST) on Thursdays, via Zoom, unless otherwise indicated (in bold)


Zoom information:
Meeting ID: 886 3518 0784
Password: 439643


Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.


Date Speaker Title
Oct 6 Patrick Carlin, PhD Candidate, Public Affairs at the O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Self-Governance of Healthcare Systems
Oct 13 Luis Monroy-Gómez-Franco, PhD Candidate, Graduate Center of the City University of New York Shades of social mobility: Colorism, ethnic origin and intergenerational social mobility
Oct 20 2022: Joaquin Daniel Ramirez Cabarcas, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia Can Collective Property Rights Foster Development? Evidence from a Quasi-natural Experiment in Colombia
Oct 27 Krzysztof Karbownik, Emory University Cultural Integration in the Classroom: The Role of Students, Parents, and Teachers
Nov 3 Jorge Aguero, University of Connecticut Do Inclusive Education Policies Improve Employment Opportunities? Evidence from a Field Experiment
Nov 10 Marco Del Angle, California State University European Recessions and Native American Conflict


Date Speaker Title
Oct 14 Cesar Huaroto, PhD Candidate in Economics at PUC Chile

The Legacy of the Spanish Conquista in the Andes: Beliefs, Social Unrest, and Long-Run Economic Development

Oct 21 Ezra Rosser, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for the Part-Time and Evening Division, American University Washington College of Law A Nation Within: Navajo Land and Economic Development (Cambridge University Press, 2021).
Nov 4 Felipe Jordán, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California Santa Barbara The Persistence of Social Structure and Status in Indigenous Reservations


Date Speaker Title
Dec 3 Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear - University California, Los Angeles TBA
Dec 10 Stefanie Schurer - University of Sidney

Early life health investment and childhood development: Evidence from special care nursery assignment in Australia's Northern Territory

Jan 28 Leslie Sanchez - Tufts University Paper Water: Outcomes of Native American Water Right Adjudications 
Feb 4 Christiana Stoddard - Montana State University Higher education policies and American Indian and Alaska Native educational attainment
Feb 11 Ian Keay - Queens University Indigenous Prisoners in British Columbia's Jails, 1864-1916: Evidence of Bioeconomic Well-Being and  Sample Selection
Feb 18 Laura Evans - University of Washington TBA
Feb 25 Stefanie Schurer - University of Sidney Early life health investment and childhood development: Evidence from special care nursery assignment in Australia's Northern Territory
Mar 4 Aldo Elizalde - University of Glasgow Public good or public 'bad'? Indigenous institutions, nation-building and the demand for road infrastructure in Mexico
Mar 11 Alberto Diaz-Cayeros -  Stanford University The differential impact of COVID-19 among indigenous communities in Mexico​ 
Mar 18 Laura Davidoff Taylor -University of Arizona First in Right, Last in Line -- The Impacts of Settled (and Unsettled) Winters Rights on Water Quality in the Western United States.
Mar 25 Christian Dippel - UCLA The Effect of Land Allotment on Native American Households During the Assimilation Era
Apr 8 Maggie Jones - UVic The Legacy of Christian Missions in the
United States
Apr 15 Rob Gillezeau - UVic TBA
Apr 21 Panel Discussion Principles of Ethical Indigenous Research: How to Apply Them in Economics Research
Apr 29 Student Presentations  In this extended student session students will have an opportunity to present their work!

About Lansdowne lectures

In 1978, the University of Victoria received funds from the provincial government for the sale of the University's former campus on Lansdowne Road, which was then to be further developed as the site of Camosun College. These funds were invested in trust, with the revenue dedicated to a special program of distinguished academic appointments. The criteria used in the selection of Lansdowne visitors are that they must be leading scholars with a national or international reputation and must be capable of interacting positively with students and faculty.

Pre-eminent academics invited to visit our department as Lansdowne scholars typically stay from two to five days and deliver one public lecture of broad interest and one or two seminars of a more specialized nature. They are also expected to be available to meet with individual, or small groups of, faculty and students.

Scheduled Lansdowne lectures

Winter 2023-24 Lansdowne lectures

Name Time & Location Digital Recording

Nathan Nunn

University of British Columbia 

"The Causes and Consequences of Zero-Sum Thinking"

28 September 2023 | 7p.m.

David Turpin Building, Room A110

For more information, visit the event page. 


Past Lansdowne lectures (previous 10 years)

Name Date Digital Recordings
Kimberley Scharf, University of Birmingham February 2020
Nava Ashraf Marshall Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). January 2019 Digital recording
Jon M. Conrad
Cornell School of Applied Economics and Management
March 2017 Digital recording
Fiona Scott Morton 
Yale School of Management
April 2013
Matthew O. Jackson 
Stanford University
March 2012
John Roberts 
Stanford Graduate School of Business
January 2011
John F. Helliwell 
October 2008  
Simon Parker 
Durham University, England
March 2008  
Ronald D. Lee 
University of California, Berkeley
September 2006  
Pierre A. Chiappori 
Columbia University
May 2005  
Dale T. Mortenson 
Northwestern University
March 2005  
Randall Wright 
University of Pennsylvania
February 2004  

Seminar visitors can find more information about Victoria and the UVic campus at the following links: