Current working paper series

Current working papers will be published here (2021 onwards).



  • 20-12: "Inflation Targets and Policy Horizons" & Junhong Mu (paper)
  • 20-11: "The Adoption of Cleaner Household Technologies: When is Backfire Welfare-Improving?" (paper)
  • 20-10: "Heterogeneity in Macroeconomics and the Minimal Econometric Interpretation for Model Comparison" (paper)
  • 20-09: "Public Funding of Research and Grant Proposals in the Social Sciences: Empirical Evidence from Canada" (paper)
  • 20-08: "Institutional Economics and John Dewey's Instrumentalism" (paper)
  • 20-07: "Has Public Debt Been Too High in Canada and the U.S.? A Quantitative Assessment" (paper)
  • 20-06: "Public Debt and Welfare in a Quantitative Schumpeterian Growth Model With Incomplete Markets" (paper)


  • 20-05: "Coase and the Scottish Political Economy Tradition" Alexander & Sheila Dow (paper)
  • 20-04: "How Important are Land Values in House Price Growth? Evidence from Canadian Cities" Kenneth G. Stewart (paper)