Aurora Skala

Aurora Skala
Archaeologist, Archaeologist, Indigenous Knowledge Researcher
Kwusen Research & Media

Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Studies - BA with distinction (2013), MA (2015)

Aurora Skala is currently working for Kwusen Research & Media, a specialist consulting company that works with Indigenous communities in Canada to conduct community-based research on traditional knowledge, and traditional land use and occupancy. Her participatory approach stresses community capacity building to engage community members in researching their own traditions and land use practices. She specializes in traditional ecological knowledge and traditional use and occupancy research in relation to land claims and environmental impact assessments. She also provides innovative services to utilize documentary video, websites, and web-based mapping technologies in research and reporting.

I have heard lots of people say their education was a piece of paper which didn't specifically prepare them for the careers they ended up. I have to say, that has not been my experience. I went to University a little later then some, I was a mature student, and was looking for a change, so I was taking courses to find out what I liked. I discovered I wanted to take as many archaeology classes as I could! I was lucky, I feel like my degree has prepared me extremely well for my career. I have a much deeper understanding of the history of the land I live in, and the community-engaged archaeology research I conducted for my MA helped identify for me what my real vocation is, in terms of social justice.