Field Courses in Victoria BC

A field course provides hands on experience in "the field," during which students can learn important practical lessons of anthropological fieldwork as well as contribute to original research findings. The hands-on experience of a field course allows you to more fully appreciate the practical side of research and data analysis. Field courses prepare students for advanced course work and offer valuable, practical skills that can aid in finding employment in anthropological settings. Local field courses are held in the greater Victoria area and on the UVic campus.

Funding: see here if you are eligible for one (or more) of the support funds available.

ANTH 392:
Perishable Goods

  • Not offered this Summer 2020
  • On campus
  • Dr. Margaret Mathewson


ANTH 384: Forensic Anthropology

  • On campus
  • Dr. Stephanie Calce



ANTH 395: Community Based Research

  • not offered this Summer 2020
  • On campus and in Victoria
  • Dr. Sarah Fletcher