Health recommendations

UVic Immunization recommendations

University student life can be conducive to the transmission of various illnesses and viruses. Students may travel frequently and to distant destinations, be in close living arrangements on and off campus, and have multiple classroom gatherings. Illness means loss of productivity and can have an impact on your academic success.

Prevention is key

Many infectious diseases can be prevented by personal hygiene such as frequently washing your hands and good personal health practices such as eating healthy, exercising daily and getting adequate sleep. Some diseases are preventable by immunizations. However, some vaccinations that you received as a child may no longer be effective, as protection can wane over years.

We strongly advise that you update your immunizations prior to arrival on campus.

You can obtain your immunization records and have them assessed by your local health unit to ensure they are up to date. Immunizations can also be purchased and administered at UVic Health Services.

  • For those immunized in BC since 1992, your records are available through your local health unit; you should bring your records with you when you attend post-secondary.
  • If you were immunized in another province or country, you will need to obtain your records and have them assessed by your local health unit, or contact UVic Health Services on your arrival to make an appointment with an RN for review.
  • If no records are available, we recommend that you have a full immunization panel completed.

For information about immunization preventable diseases and immunizations go to Immunize BC.