For on-campus catering, University departments are expected to consider and engage Degrees Catering for all related requirements. Degrees Catering operates under the umbrella of University Foods Services who directly supports a number of institutional wide programs and services through strategic alliance agreements and sponsorship programs. Revenues generated are returned back to the campus community by maintaining competitive retail pricing, supporting the campus experience, and employing more than 530 staff including upwards of 400 students through part-time work (approximately $650,000/year in student wages).

We offer a competitive catering program with key benefits to campus clients not available from external catering companies including:

  • Significant cost savings for internal clients (no GST, PST or services gratuities)
  • Knowledge of campus buildings in terms of service delivery and support
  • Simple & fast accounting (billing & payment via department accounts)
  • Quality assurance and food safety standard above industry expectations and health authority requirements
  • Ability to professionally service all types of events
  • Major commitment to sustainability and sourcing products locally

Questions? Contact us at or 250.721.8603.