Accessing the LAP

Are you interested? Want to learn more about the Learning Assistance Program (LAP)?

Learning Strategist and/or Specialized Tutor program

The Learning Strategist and Tutor Programs are open to all UVic students! Our program curriculum, resources, and employee training are based on the principles of Universal Design. This means we build our services to support the success of all students looking for personalized learning tools.

If you want to know more about working with a Learning Strategist or Specialized Tutor, the first step is to attend an orientation meeting. Our orientation will give you a chance to talk one-on-one with a LAP Coordinator about your goals, our services, and any questions you might have. We will work with you to draw on your strengths and build on your successes.

Email us at to set up your orientation meeting now!

Full-serve notetaking program

If you are registered with CAL and have a notetaking accommodation, you will be emailed a program invitation prior to the beginning of each academic term. Please note there is a deadline to request notetakers. Details will be outlined in the program invitation. 

You can also contact Notetaking Program staff anytime at .