Full-Serve Notetaking program

Having a hard time keeping up with everything the instructor is saying while taking your notes? Get connected with our Notetaking Program!

The Full-Serve Notetaking Program is a convenient, confidential way to receive supplemental lecture notes from a trained LAP Notetaker. Many students who receive notes from trained notetakers may see increased engagement in the lectures and improvements in their own notetaking.

How it works:

  • Get anonymous access to lecture notes from a classmate.
  • We hire and train a notetaker who shares notes via an online file exchange service.

Access the Full-Serve Notetaking Program:

If you are registered with CAL and have a notetaking accommodation, you will be emailed a program invitation prior to the beginning of each academic term. Please note there is a deadline to request notetakers. Details will be outlined in the program invitation. 

You can also contact Notetaking Program staff anytime at .