Term Marine Technician Position

Term Marine Technician Position - immediate opportunity!
Contact: Jody Klymak
University of Victoria
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Marine Technician position to work with UVic-based Canadian-Pacific Robotic Ocean Observing Facility to acquire and make a small fleet of gliders and floats operational. The ideal candidate will have experience with autonomous ocean platforms; readying them for deployment; calibrating sensors in the lab and in-situ; piloting them; monitoring their data return to make sure there are no issues with the instrumentation; and assisting with market research, selection and procurement. A broad skill set is needed for this work, including familiarity with marine electronics, care of pressure cases, sensor care, data management, and data analysis. The ideal candidate should also be willing to periodically work off boats on the BC coasts to deploy and recover autonomous vehicles, and must be flexible about working nights and weekends as deployments require. The successful candidate will be working closely with DFO colleagues in Nanaimo and Sidney and work location is negotiable. The candidate should be eligible to travel to the US for training which may be required.