Graduate program financial information

Tuition fees

Graduate students are assessed a fee installment, the program's unit of payment, for every term (September-December, January-April, & May-August) they are registered in a degree program at UVic.  Students classified as full-time pay one (1) fee installment, while those considered part-time pay one half (½) fee installment.  As of 2018, the domestic* full-fee assessment is about $1,933.34 (per term, not including ancillary fees), while the half-fee assessment is about $966.67. The minimum program fee for a master's degree is 5 full fee installments, while a doctorate degree requires a minimum of 7½ full fee installments.  Further information, including other fees payable by graduate students, can be found here.

* Canadian citizen and permanent residents.

** International Graduate Student Tuition fees are higher at about $2,391.58/term and $1,195.79/½.  (Note: Ancillary fees will be added to this).


Further Resources for Graduate Students at UVic.