Crossing Boundaries

Crossing Boundaries is the interdisciplinary journal of the Graduate Students in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria.

From Editor-in-chief, Amanda Timmerman, "The momentum for a magazine to showcase the research within our department was quickly shared by a few graduate students. We wanted something tangible to share with potential students, colleagues, and the general public. With the wide breadth of disciplines that are encompassed within the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Crossing Boundaries is the perfect title for our magazine. Our department does indeed cross boundaries from atmosphere to oceans to rocks. Each article has rigorously been edited by someone within and outside the discipline. Part of the goal was to write the articles so that a wider audience could understand, instead of writing to only people within our respective fields. This a perfect way to showcase our diverse and innovative research within the department."

The first issue is now available.

Crossing Boundaries 2019-05 Cover