Funding Announcement: Canada Contributing to the HL-LHC Accelerator

Federal Science Minister Kirsty Duncan announced that Canada will contribute $10 million for the cryomodules of the crab cavities of the  High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) in response to a request from CERN, vigorously supported by IPP.  Dr. Mike Roney, Director of IPP, was involved in negotiating this contribution and is quoted in some of the press releases. 

Crab cavities are a critical component of the HL-LHC upgrade and are essential to achieve the high luminosity goals of this next generation of the LHC.

TRIUMF will manage the production of the components and will make a $2 million in-kind contribution for a total project value of $12 million.

Some of the Press Releases:





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