UVic part of Earth-observing Canadian Space Agency and NASA mission

 a satellite orbits the Earth and text explains HAWC Canadian Contribution

Colin Goldblatt, associate professor in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, is part of a national team that will develop instruments to be deployed into space as part of a multi-nation NASA satellite mission.

The High-altitude, Aerosol, Water vapour and Clouds (HAWC) mission will keep an eye on the upper atmosphere over the Arctic and Antarctic. While much of the climate change attention gets put on carbon dioxide (CO2), the amount of warming caused by CO2 depends on how water vapour and clouds react to a warming climate.

HAWC was announced Tuesday, Oct 18, in Ottawa by François-Philippe Champagne, federal minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry.

Goldblatt brings his climate modelling and remote sensing data expertise to the HAWC mission.

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