Message from the Dean

Peter Loock
Loock. Credit: UVic Photo Services

Greetings from the UVic Faculty of Science,

I am writing from a campus that is brimming with students, again. As you may know, in December the emergence of the omicron variant prompted an abrupt transition from in-person exams to online exams, and then a two-week delay in the return to in-person classes in January. These adjustments were difficult for students and instructors, but were necessary to comply with provincial guidelines and to keep students and staff safe. Now that classes are back on in-person, the campus is back to its regular self, except that masks are worn nearly everywhere, of course. A small price to pay for the many friendly and fun interactions that in-person courses foster.

While it sometimes appears that COVID responses are taking most of our time, this newsletter also highlights the many other events, and especially the accomplishments of current and former students in our Faculty. From remarkable students (Kasapi Scholars and Schulich Leaders) to recent alumni (Robin Mazumder), our students are a constant source of inspiration.

As you learned in our last newsletter, we have formed an Alumni Advisory Board with the intent to harness their passion and experience for the benefit of our students and alumni. Get to know each member in our new Alumni Q&A series, starting with Michael Allan Kuyzk. Kuyzuk owns local brewery Category 12. (Good Taste) x exp(Sound Science) = (Great Beer)... wouldn't you agree?

In our research update we turn to the heavens. Our two stories from the Physics and Astronomy department span a truly “astronomical” lifecycle. Ruobing Dong describes new insights on the birth of planets, and Kim Venn describes the discovery of galactic “fossils”.

And from the outer reaches of space we dive to the depths of our oceans to celebrate Verena Tunnicliffe, who was named an officer of the Order of Canada for her contributions to ocean sciences and deep-sea exploration around Canada's Pacific coast. 

As always, please feel free to , drop me a line, or meet me for coffee or lunch.


Peter Loock
UVic Dean of Science