Navarro named 2020 Citation Laureate in Physics

Physics and Astronomy researcher Julio F. Navarro has been selected as a 2020 Citation Laureate by the Institute for Scientific Information at Clarivate, for his work on fundamental studies of galaxy formation and evolution, cosmic structure, and dark matter halos (co-nominees: Carlos S. Frenk, Durham University, Durham, UK and Simon D.M. White, former Director, Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics).

The designation recognizes an exceptional citation record within the Web of Science index: one that demonstrates research influence comparable to Nobel Prize recipients and as such identifies a small group of individuals each year whose achievements identify them as possible, even probable future Nobel prize winners. Since Citation Laureates were first named by our analysts in 2002, 54 have gone on to become Nobel Laureates.

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Physics Citation Laureates 2020 Recipients