Math PhD candidate wins award for research-enriched teaching

Math PhD candidate and fellowship winner Joseph Horan
Math PhD candidate and fellowship winner Joseph Horan

Mathematics and Statistics PhD candidate Joseph Horan has won a President's Fellowship in Research-Enriched Teaching for his proposed reinvention of the upper-level undergraduate math class, MATH 365.

Thanks to Horan’s innovative thinking the Spring 2020 Introduction to Topology course will now provide students with opportunities to develop their research skills such as creativity, collaboration and communication skills, while also building curiosity around the geometry and qualitative properties of topological spaces.

New this year, the President’s Fellowship in Research-Enriched Teaching supports priorities found in the University of Victoria’s Strategic Framework, such as cultivating an extraordinary academic environment, advancing research excellence and impact and intensifying dynamic learning. Fellowships help better prepare PhD students and post-doctoral fellows for teaching careers, encourage faculty to embrace new opportunities in teaching and mentoring and provide an enriched research-focused learning experience for undergraduate students.

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