2021 Honours Fest

Alf Wilson, Faculty of Science

Fritz Boehm, PhD (top row, third from left) with 2021 Honours Fest winners and Dean of Science Peter Loock (bottom) during the 2021 on-line awards ceremony.

On February 25, 2021, 55 Honours students across six departments and schools of the UVic Faculty of Science presented their research at the tenth annual Honours Fest. Usually this is a conference-style poster session with in-person presentations. This year Honours Fest went online showcasing outstanding undergraduate research. Over 100 students, staff, and faculty from across campus signed in to learn more about remarkable student projects, ranging from SARS-CoV-2 Epitope Expression in Bacteria to AI at CERN.

Two semesters of intensive research culminated for each student as a pre-recorded three-minute poster presentation. Although conditions were very different from previous years, all presentations were impressive and very well received.

Over 40 professors judged the poster presentations to choose winners for the Boehm Family Award of Excellence in Science (top three) and one top presenter for each unit. For the first time, the Canadian Botanical Association offered two additional prizes for students involved in forestry related research. 

Students were judged not only on the science (hypothesis, goals, design, implementation, analysis, and conclusions) but also on their presentation skills (overall poster quality, presentation, and ability to explain complex research).

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Fritz Boehm, for his continued generous sponsorship of the event since its inception in 2011. Substantial cash prizes are awarded to the overall top three students, as well as a top presenter in each department and school. His contributions support our emerging scientists, helping Canada stay at the forefront of research and development. 

2021 Honours Fest recipients

Winners of the Boehm Family Award of Excellence in Science

Award Recipient Project
First place Coen del Valle (Mathematics and Statistics) A Complete Existence Theory for Signed Graph Designs
Second place Cassandra Purdon (Earth & Ocean Sciences) Bubble Dynamics in the Labrador Sea: Assessing Accuracy of Gas Exchange Models Through Comparison with N2 Measurements
Third place Lindsey Frederiksen (Chemistry) Hydrosilation Mechanistic Analysis via ESI-MS and UV-Vis spectroscopy

Top presenters for each unit

Award Recipient Project
Biochemistry & Microbiology Monica Alvaro Fuss N-Myc Suppresses Innate Immune Signaling in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Carcinoma
Chemistry Atzin San Roman Monitoring the Hydrolysis of Organotrifluoroborates
Earth & Ocean Sciences Jacob Dingwall Characterising Environmental and Anthropogenic Drivers of Underwater Noise in the Amundsen Gulf, NWT
Math & Statistics Tyler Schulz Equilibrium States of Right Arithmetic Systems
Physics & Astronomy Jakob Rimmer Artificial Intelligence at CERN
Biology Megan Davies Discovering the Habitat Preferences and Distribution of Deepsea Sole (Embassichthys Bathybius) on Northeast Pacific Seamounts
Biology - Canadian Botanical Association Parker Volk The Root of a Solution: Lavender Root as Treatment for Iron Overload
Biology - Canadian Botanical Association Taylor Holt Sclerenchyma in Decurrent Needles- Does it Confer Resistance to Weevils?

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