Fabian Wolk

Fabian Wolk
President & Co-Founder of Rockland Scientific Inc.
UVic BSc '94, MSc '98

Fabian Wolk, Ph.D. is President and Co-founder of Rockland Scientific, a Victoria, BC-based innovative ocean technology company that empowers scientists in 30 countries to understand climate-related phenomena in the world’s oceans. Wolk believes that academic research and industry-based technology development form a symbiotic relationship that leads to sustained growth in both areas. In his 22-year career in the oceanographic sector, Wolk has worked on both sides of this interface in North America, Europe, and Japan. His academic background and business leadership provide him a unique, and enjoyable, perspective of both worlds.

Wolk has served on the Board of Directors of Marine Renewables Canada, and he is currently serving on the Board of Ocean Networks Canada and the Victoria Jazz Society. He is honoured to join the inaugural Faculty of Science Advisory Board at the University of Victoria.