Karl Swannie, Chair

Karl Swannie, Chair
CEO & Founder of Echosec Systems
UVic BSc '99

Swannie has been the creative, persuasive and decisive force behind many successful SaaS Platforms and recently successfully exited Echosec Systems.

A graduate from the University of Victoria, he is now a well-known technical thought-leader, project director, business developer and former CTO with a +20-year career. He is an expert in massive data aggregation, advanced analytics, AI, NLP and advanced visualization.

His most recent project was a real-time security and threat data analysis generated by media, news, social networks, and dark websites. It uses proprietary triaging techniques to clearly visualize data, as well as machine learning to contextualize data into actionable intelligence. This enables users to quickly adapt their security strategies and mitigate threats targeting their organization.

Swannie is often requested to speak on SaaS, business, intelligence, privacy, and emerging technologies. He has delivered talks around the world on a variety of topics, including presentations at TEDx, NATO and at SMi-London, where the audience consisted exclusively of European national security agencies.