Lauren Stanislaw

Lauren Stanislaw
Master's Student
Civil Engineering
Office: CARSA A153

BA (Scripps College)

Area of expertise

Modeling of buildings, model integration

Lauren is originally from the US and graduated from Scripps College in Claremont, CA with a Bachelor's degree in mathematics. After graduation, she spent a year working as a researcher on two chemical modeling projects with applications in renewable energy and materials. First, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, she used COMSOL to model the performance of an electrolyzer, which uses an electrochemical reaction to split water and produce hydrogen without any pollutant byproducts. Then, at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, she worked on a machine learning project to facilitate the discovery of new polymers with desirable properties.

At UVic, Lauren joined the SESIT team so that she could use her modeling and coding skills to explore energy-related issues from a higher-level perspective. She will be working on both the modeling of buildings, and model integration.