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Megawatts and marbles

Learn how different types of power generation behave and integrate into the electrical grid with Megawatts & Marbles - a fun, interactive, multi-player workshop developed by IESVic PhD students.

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Join us for the IESVic EnVision conference

Connect with IESVic researchers, alumni and industry at our annual EnVision conference.

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Wave energy resource assessment

IESVic researchers are working on both sides of the sustainable energy problem: designing technologies to harness renewable sources and studying the integration of these devices into existing and future energy systems.

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Institute for Integrated Energy Systems

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is developing environmentally sustainable energy systems that are reliable, cost-effective and socially acceptable. The institute’s mission is to chart feasible pathways to sustainable energy systems through the development of new technologies, processes, and systems.

A big picture approach

The Institute for Integrated Energy Systems at the University of Victoria (IESVic) is unique in its big picture approach to sustainable energy research. Collaboration between science and engineers, economists, and environmental scientists is the norm rather than the exception. Students get hands-on experience examining entire energy systems – from harnessing, storing and converting energy sources to efficiently delivering end-user services. And when they encounter barriers to sustainable energy's widespread adoption, they develop technologies and expertise to overcome them. 

Our research seeks to understand system behavior, develop better methods and technologies, and to create resilient energy systems that are environmentally and socially compatible.