Institute for Integrated Energy Systems

Buoy deployment off the west coast of Vancouver Island

West Coast Wave Initiative Project.

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IESVic Directors from 1989-2015

Pictured here are Drs. David Scott, Ned Djilali, Peter Wild and Ged McLean, directors of IESVic from 1989 to present.  Dr. Bez Tabarrok, deceased, was director from 1997-1999.

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Cape Scott Wind Farm

The Cape Scott wind farm located on Knob Hill near Port Hardy is a 99 MW wind farm with 55
Vestas wind turbines. This project was the first wind farm built on Vancouver Island and is a
joint project between Sea Breeze Power Corp and GDF Suez. 

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Dr. Zuomin Dong in the engine room of MV Tachek

BC Ferries is providing the UVic research team access to the new hybrid electric
ferry operated between Quadra Island and Cortes Island to collect field data for the
validation of vessel- and route-specific hybrid powertrain system models.

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Student chat

Dr. Ned Djilali - Highly cited researcher

Dr. Ned Djilali has been recognized in the list of Highly Cited Researchers 2014
that according to Thompson-Reuters represents some of the world’s leading
scientific minds.

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Charting feasible paths to sustainable energy systems

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity today is finding access to safe, clean and sustainable energy. Around the world, researchers, policymakers and investors struggle with sustainable energy questions. What energy sources are available? How can they be used? How might this affect the environment or the economy?

A big picture approach

The Institute for Integrated Energy Systems at the University of Victoria (IESVic) is unique in its big picture approach to sustainable energy research. Collaboration between mechanical engineers, economists and environmental scientists is the norm rather than the exception. Students get hands-on experience, examining entire sustainable energy systems – from harnessing, storing and converting energy sources to delivering end-user services. And when they encounter barriers to sustainable energy's widespread adoption, they develop technologies and expertise to overcome them. This passion and determination has made IESVic a go-to source of expertise for industry leaders.

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