Our people

IESVic Alumni Theo Christiaanse and Charlotte Lafleur
IESVic graduate students get hands-on experience in our many research labs

As a multidisciplinary research institute, IESVic brings together experts from a variety of fields. Research teams crosscut disciplinary affiliations to examine sustainable energy systems from a variety of perspectives including engineering, science and the social sciences.

IESVic fosters a dynamic and supportive culture, grounded on the basis that individuals each have unique and valuable inputs they bring to IESVic activities. IESVic’s mission is best pursued by building a widely diverse community of members, as well as a diverse set of partners and communities that we work with in our research. 

Members are united by a shared passion for sustainable energy, with students and faculty eager to share information and support each other’s research.  A healthy work-life balance is encouraged, with weekly and special occasion events to discuss current events and celebrate member achievements.

The IESVic community includes: a core team, faculty, researchers, and alumni.

Our research seeks to understand system behavior, develop better methods and technologies, and to create resilient energy systems that are environmentally and socially compatible.