Alumni in Focus: Gary Schubak

IESVic member: 1990-1993

Gary Schubak
Gary Schubak speaking on the Energy Technology: Spurring Radical Innovation panel at Envision 2019

Gary's thesis research while at IESVic was a techno-economic analysis of propulsion systems for autonomous underwater vehicles, and he was awarded his M.A.Sc. in 1992. His work focused on batteries, closed cycle diesel engines, Stirling engines, and H2 + PEM fuel cells, and by 1994 he was working for Ballard Power Systems. There he led the development of a fuel cell power system for military submarines, with the intent of replacing their lead-acid batteries and diesel engines with a single PEM fuel cell power system that used H2 and O2 storage. The advantages of fuel cells over conventional platforms for submarine application included quiet operation and greatly enhanced submerged endurance. 

Over the course of seven years Gary’s team built a land-based 50kW prototype that was fuelled by methanol and fully integrated to a submarine battery system. While the program was a success, it was ultimately scrapped in favour of Ballard’s automotive priorities. After transitioning into Sales and Marketing, he eventually became Director of Global Sales. Gary left Ballard in 2014 after almost 20 years with the company. 

Since leaving Ballard, Gary has been working with two other IESVic grads, Ken Kratschmar and Chris Reid, to form two new companies: Ekona Power Inc, which is focused on large-scale industrial H2 production, and the ETI Energy Corporation, which specializes in H2 dispensing technologies.  

Currently, Gary lives and works in Vancouver, where he enjoys playing drums and piano in various bands, golfing, and staying active. Today Gary sees great potential in H2 as an enabler of zero-emission transport, and his passion and hope for this technology has never been greater.


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