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IESVic Seminar: CO2 utilization, conversion, capture and 10 more reasons to love tiny pipes

Our focus here is on the efficient electroproduction of multi-carbon products – ethylene, ethanol, and propanol – from CO2 and renewable electricity. Our recent achievements will be highlighted along with learnings from developing and commissioning the world’s largest CO2 electrolyzer. I will also briefly outline our recent work on the upstream challenge, the direct air capture of CO2. The talk will close with a reflection on the energy transition challenge ahead and the renewed importance of energy security.

IESVic Seminar - Beyond decarbonization: The democratic qualities of decentralized energy ownership

This seminar will explore some of the implications of new conceptualizations of democracy. Based on qualitative fieldwork with energy cooperatives and other civic energy groups, I explore the inherent tensions within these processes, and the fragile, contingent and contested outcomes that emerge. I conclude by discussing whether the diversity of these emergent infrastructures challenge or strengthen the democratic claims made for them.

IESVic Seminar: Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of alternative fuels and powertrains for medium-duty trucks

This seminar compares the life cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from diesel, battery electric (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell (FCV) medium-duty urban delivery trucks (gross vehicle weight 3.5 – 7 metric tonnes) in Singapore, including the vehicle and fuel production, use phase and end-of-life stages.

Tapping to reduce stress and increase calm

Develop tools to reduce stress and anxiety in this group for UVic students

Breaking the Mold

UVic Art Education faculty and sessional instructors share their diverse perspectives, approaches, and experiences in art education.

Isshoni: Henry Shimizu’s Paintings of New Denver Internment

Isshoni: Henry Shimizu's Paintings of New Denver Internmentis an exploration of Japanese Canadian identity, community, and family.

Awakening the Gifts of Character

Learn how to connect successfully with others, by creating a culture of compassion and care.

Islamic Lecture for Women (Halaqa)

Halaqa is a weekly program that is dedicated to learning the core principles and practices of Islam.

Muslim Prayer

Jumuah (Friday) Prayer is a time for all Muslims to leave their day-to-day activities for a congregational prayer and sermon.

Re-writing your family story

Navigate conflict in your family system in this group for UVic students