Sven Scholtysik

Sven Scholtysik
PhD student
Mechanical Engineering

BA (University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management), MSc (University of Reykjavik)

Area of expertise

Energy Systems Modelling, Energy Policy, Techno-Economic Optimization

Sven joined IESVic and the 2060 project in the fall of 2016. Under the supervision of Dr. Peter Wild and Dr. Andrew Rowe, he is researching low carbon emission transition pathways for Western Canada. Through energy system modelling and optimization he explores the interdependencies of technology, policy, economics and society regarding the decarbonisation of Canada’s energy sector.

Before joining UVic, Sven worked in the oil, wind and geothermal industries in Germany, Iceland, Canada and the US. He holds a B.A in International Management and a M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy Science. Sven is also co-founder of the Future Arctic Energy Network at Reykjavik University, which facilitates research interest in energy in the Arctic.

Outside of research, Sven enjoys hiking, travelling and cooking.