Michael Pullinger

Michael Pullinger
PhD student
Mechanical Engineering

BE-BSc (Hons) (University of Tasmania), MSc (Murdoch University), MEngPrac (University of Southern Queensland), GradDipEc (University of New England)

Area of expertise

Turbomachinery design in clean energy applications

Michael Pullinger grew up in Tasmania, Australia's smallest state and Vancouver Island's long lost twin. From his idyllic family home overlooking the rainforest of the Cam River, he developed a strong appreciation of the natural environment. During this time, he made a decision to dedicate his career to reducing the environmental impact of our energy systems.

Michael graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2006 with a combined degree in mechanical engineering and environmental geography. In his ensuing career, he has worked as an engineering consultant on a variety of complex energy projects in the building, hydropower, renewable energy and mining sectors. In his spare time, he also obtained three postgraduate degrees in renewable energy, electrical engineering and economics.

Michael started his PhD at IESVic in 2020, and is focussed on optimising the value of simulation for turbomachinery design in clean energy applications. This research is being conducted under the supervision of Dr. Curran Crawford, and aims to minimise the cost of computational engineering for turbine and compressor design.

When not studying or working, Michael may be found cooking a BBQ or on a hiking or biking trail with his wife and daughter.