Tamara Knittel

Tamara Knittel
PhD student
Mechanical Engineering
Office: EOW 113

BEng (Reutlingen University), MSc (Warwick University)

Area of expertise

Battery storage and grid integration

Tamara completed her BEng at Reutlingen University, Germany in International Project Engineering with a semester abroad at San Diego State University, US, and an internship aborad in production planning at Mercedes-Benz in Juiz de Fora, Brazil. Her final research project at Mercedes-Benz focused on optimizing the production processes of lithium-ion batteries for EV production.

She went on to complete a MSc at Warwick University, UK, in Engineering Business Management. Tamara's MSc project expanded her work on lithium-ion batteries by creating a circular economy for LIBs used in EVs, focusing on end-of-life and recycling processes to create more sustainable battery life cycles. Resulting from this work, she developed a research interest in batteries and their potential to increase a systems' sustainability, i.e. by integrating them to the electricity grid in addition to other renewable energies.